Monday, December 29, 2014

As I start this new post,  I also realize I will soon be starting a new chapter of my life..  one without children to to take care of on a daily basis, one without PTA meetings, school plays, soccer games, first loves, this is new.and the reality of what is coming has hit me hard.  It is unfamiliar ground, shaky ground. Lot's of time to do whatever I want. AND with that time  I found myself thinking a lot about the past. Looking at picture of my children little, the different stages of life that they have conquered. I have found myself thinking about things I wish I might have done better. Been a little more patient in this situation, stood my ground on that... and so on. And I find myself saying...
"How Fascinating!"  
I think many people would find that a weird way to reflect as would have I  before today. But while doing some self discovery I came across a blog of a very talented blogger and a young lady who seems wise beyond her years. It is interesting how I came across her blog UNFANCY looking for a way to to control my wardrobe and found so much more.

She shared some inspiring words from  a favorite author of hers. Benjamin Zander, for those who have never heard of him he is renown conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and this is what he said,
“I actively train my students that when they make a mistake, they are to lift their arms in the air, smile, and say, “How fascinating!” It is only when we make mistakes that we can really begin to notice what needs attention.”
Have you ever had a moment when someone said something it hits you like a bolt of lightening? 
.. an ah ha moment....
How true is that? When we make a mistake, isn't that just another chance to change?
To grow?
To develop muscles we haven't used, and opportunity to become more.
Be more!

Isn't that what each day is about? HOW FASCINATING! How exciting! How wise this young woman is. I am so excited to start a new day. To see what way I grow. I found it appropriate for the stage I am at in my life.
That I can just throw up my arms and smile with such a simple phrase...  
Each day a gift, each step another opportunity to become who I want to be.
To discover me...
what a joy..

        it truly is fascinating!