Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When You Have To Admit The Truth Even To Yourself

Don't you hate when the truth of something that you would rather deny hits you upside the head? Tonight that happened to me. The truth being I am lazy! Man I hate that word..But it FITS! I am really ashamed of that fact but I think it is time to own up to the truth. YEP I am lazy!

 What a horrible thing to have to admit.
 Especially to yourself

 But tonight as the Mr and I were enjoying our dinner, I realized it took me all of maybe 30 minutes of my day to save us easily $30 to $40  that eating out would have cost us. $40 for 30 minutes of my time. I mean most people myself included have to work 3 to 4 hours to make that!

So that got me to asking the dreaded question...???  
"Honey how much do you think we spend a month eating out, with the kids and just us" The reply was horrifying  embarrassing shocking (though my lazy butt already knew it) 
"Oh about somewhere between $400 and $500 a month" 

WHAT... Seriously! How ridiculous am I?!?
 I guess the better question being how spoiled and lazy am I? 
 I am so ashamed.
  It's not like I am a bad cook, actually I am a  good cook As a matter of fact the Mr. is always saying he likes my cooking more then most of the places we eat! And  I have lots of food to make though much of it gets tossed out to the animals (which they love)  due to being not used  in a  timely manner or end up in the compost. The intention is always good when I buy it, but the laziness... oh the laziness!


   How can  I have of been so wasteful when God has blessed me with so much! What kind of example am I setting for my kids! The shame!  I mean seriously I work hard to make sure my family has the best I can provide.
 I make my own cleaning products and  laundry products. I only buy meat from a local farmer, have chickens for eggs (and soon poultry), dairy goats for milk,buy fresh fruits and veggies when out of season and I can't grow them myself. Make my own soaps, and other beauty products And I do this to not only to make sure I know what my family is using and eating but to save $$$ and then I create this kind of personal waste!

 I mean I have NO idea where the meat or products these fast food restaurants or dinning establishments
 use is coming from. I am so picky in what I buy and then I trot off with my family to use, eat whatever.

 I vow here and now to turn over a new leaf.

 I have all these wonderful recipes in PINTEREST that I am going to organize and start using. I am going to become the chef, the homemaker I always wanted to be. I can do this. It means less time being lazy, not so much hulu, not so much FB and a little more planning on my part but I know I can do this.

I will make a different recipe each night for the next week (except for our one monthly date night) and either keep the recipe or let it go. I might even blog about each one. Well I guess that is it. I just had to put in writing so I can hold myself accountable. What do you do to make sure your family gets good home cooked meals or save with the family budget?

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