Friday, February 8, 2013

Time to CONFESS... Friday

It's Friday... time to confess...

  *It has been a long LONG time since my last confession

* I have missed it

* I like reading other peoples confessions... They make me laugh!

* I brought the cat in.. when the Mr finds out I am DEAD!

* Hope HE doesn't read this!

* I need to get stronger.. she was there at the back door looking at me with those sweet little eyes and I just caved... I am in so much trouble!

* She is a barn cat.. NOT a house cat... and this could be my last confession!

* I will miss reading every ones confessions :(

* If I wind up dead the Mr. did it! I am buried in the back yard.. Please put flower out there oh and if we get a pig all of sudden that is how he got rid of me! YUCK! 

* I watch to much BONES... Usually when I am eating... I think I have issues...

* I need to go take care of the animals.. It is COLD outside and MY bed is warm with the cat all snugly! We agree I am dead but SHE thinks it is worth it!

* This is very weird since I have NEVER been a cat person... but she is cute and sweet and I have got to get a backbone when it comes to the animals!

* The rooster has been crowing for hours NOW and if I don't let him and the girls out soon I will have hell to pay!

* I hate the cold!

Well that is my confession today... come play along and link up!Link up and confess!


  1. Well, hopefully your mister won't read this post or be that mad if he does. Snuggly cats are awfully hard to resist when it's cold out.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. The pig acquisition warning made me laugh out loud!! Who can resist big sweet kitty eyes? Not me. Never thought of myself as a car person until I adopted Devil Kitty :D here's to hoping you didn't get caught!!

  3. Okay. So, it's now the end of June - four months after this post. Should we dig up your back yard or are you just to busy to post? Miss ya!


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