Friday, February 8, 2013

No Regrets?!?

Have you ever thought about what the above words mean? I had a " AH HA" moment the other day over just those words and found it very... frustrating, eye opening moment I guess. I was talking to the Mr. and we were having one of those moments when you are talking about nothing but then it gets serious real quick.
 (Kind of like driving down the road enjoying the scenery and BLAMO  you find yourself hit head on, and you sit back and wonder" how the heck did that happen?"  I was talking about
Like "If I were young again what I would do differently?"
  Regrets, things I wish I could take back or change so the outcome would be different. And I turn to him and ask"What regrets do you have honey?" And the Mr. replys, 
 Seriously that was his answer! NONE!!! Well because I have been hurt by some not so great choices throughout our 13 years together  I was pissed angry, hurt and astonished that he would say such a thing. I mean doesn't  EVERYONE have regrets?

  So as I felt the temperature of the car change..
 Mainly mine!

 I started thinking about his answer which was simply, "If I hadn't done, been or traveled down the road I have I wouldn't be here, in this time, this place".  I thought about that answer for a couple of days and in doing so I realized, Isn't that what it is all about? Wasn't HIS answer the correct one?

 The HARD kind, the kind that makes you wish you could just get through it. 

 Break through and see the sun shinning down on you again.

 It is the kind that makes you STRONG when the whole world seems to be crumbling around you. When you have to say goodbye to something or someone you love, when you have to find that inner strength to keep walking even though you are tired or worn. 

Could you imagine how BORING our lives would be if every time we had a regret we could just rewind, go back or  start over. What would you have missed out on?What lesson would you have NOT learned? 
What growth would have escaped YOU?
 So as much as wish I had never hurt someone, or lied, or let someone (including myself) down I am so GRATEFUL for the lessons I have learned. For the person I am becoming because of those lessons.
 So I guess I finally get it... 
No regrets just lessons LEARNED...  not having that opportunity to me would be the biggest regret I think we could ever have.

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