Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Family Get Away

Well I did it! I said I would, then I did just as the "Little Little Engine Who Could"and said, "I think I can, I think can" held my breathe and jumped in! What is this amazing task that I completed you ask? Took my family on a week vacation. ( I know... your asking whats the BIG DEAL? ) Well believe it or not it  is our families first real vacation. 
 Leave the work at home ( I only got caught working a few times...) , ALL the animals, gather up teens from all over and go! And did we ever.( The Mr. said if I could pay for it we would go) so  I saved my pennies and off we went!

One week of relaxing, swimming, eating (no calorie counting) and family time and even a few romantic moments (wink wink) and it was so worth it!

Here it is in a pictorial...
 We are off! (In more ways then one!)
 Poor Mr. He doesn't know she is about to get him! 
(Such a creeper)

The boy trying to be cool! ( lol)
Love the glasses upside down... crazy kid!


Beautiful KC'lynn!

 The Soda Machine (Makes over 100 different sodas) 
The kids wanted to play with this all day!
Sleeping Beauty!  (He will KILL me when he sees this one! hee hee hee)
Silly man!

 This is the way the Mr. enjoyed the beach the whole time!
We are puffer fish!
We found a mermaid!
Everything is BIGGER in TEXAS including the BUGS!!!! YIKES!

 Sand castles!
She just found out they had wings!

My beautiful babies!
The Mr. and his girls

Getting ready to go take family photos

Enjoying the pool!

It was a great time, a needed break and a memory I will always hold dear...