Friday, June 8, 2012

The Adventure Continues

Well when I started this blog 3 years ago I said I wanted to leave the city behind and get back to the country... little did I know the adventure that awaited me!

Not that I ever knew the country, no grandparents, aunts or uncles on a farm. No family friends with chickens just a lot of episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" when I was growing up. If they only knew how dangerous this show could actually be for some kids!

 I mean don't we look like that? Ok not quite but we had a goal and that is a starting point.... RIGHT???

So we started the adventure with the 100 year old Farm House

then the chickens,

 then the ducks,

 then the 2 dairy goats

and so on......
 and so on... 
BUT being one who has never been present when anything other then my kiddo's were born I was in for a new experience. And a new experience it was... BABY GOATS with me assisting. AND was there a trained vet near by??? of course not!!! Just good ol YouTube and a dear friend (thanks Deana I couldn't have done it with you!). BUT we did it. I cried, I was scared but 2 healthy little bucks Zac and Zeke are here!

(aren't they precious!!!)

And we just love them! 

Together we got through it and I don't think either of us could be happier.
 (Zoie did amazing as this was her first time too!)

SO the MORAL to the story... IF YOU want to get back to the homestead but never thought it possible because it wasn't where you started... REMEMBER if I can do it ANYONE can.. and in the process you might find that it is all you would ever need for adventure and peace!