Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Observation

I find it interesting how one bad experience can leave a very bad taste in your mouth for sometime and  not only do that but change your perspective. Case in point.. My Mr. 

My Mr. dreamed of being a police officer when he grew up. He started by joining the Army after high school and spent 4 years defending his country. During this time he married (not me) and proceeded to work towards entering the police academy. He filled out all his paper work, went through the interviews (both he and his wife) and took a new career path towards that dream. The day he was to start was just to much for his young wife and she had a break down and went into the hospital. So that door quickly shut and his dream of being a police officer ended. When we met he still had the desire but by then had a good career but would often talk to me about how he missed that opportunity and how different his life might have been. It was a boy hood dream so I am sure it was a little hard to let go of....

But now this same man who desired so much to be a "cop" can't stand them!!! Well at least most of them, and WHY??? you ask. Because of a bad experience with one bad cop! In order to understand I will have to take you back several years...

My Mr. loves to ride a bike (motorcycle) even on the coldest of days you will see him on his bike.  On this particular day he was to attend a funeral with his Aunt. It was an emotional day for her and he being like a son (as she has no children of her own) wanted to support her and be there. So on his way back from the funeral  to his office his shirt blew up while a cop was driving behind him and his gun was quickly seen. Now about the gun. My Mr. has his conceal carry and has since it has been legal to do so in Kansas.

(Now you need to understand that in order for my Mr and myself to get our C.C. we had background checks, through the State, FBI & Home Land Security. We were finger printed, went through 2 days of training, had to shoot and score correctly in order to have this privilege plus pay for all the fees. When all said and done cost about $400.00).

Now when the gun "flashed" my Mr had no idea and was less then a couple of miles from his work So imagine his surprise when as he pulled into work  he was followed by 3 police cars. Coming from both the West and the East
Lights flashing, cops yelling. 

Not knowing what the heck was going on (was he going to fast?)  he quickly tried to remove himself from his bike and  was told instructed yelled at  to "Put your above you head!"

 Well the problem with that is "you can never just put your hands up" when you ride a bike. Because  if you do said bike that weighs several hundred pounds will proceed to fall over and possibly fall on you!  SO because he does not yet have his hands in the air he now he has 3 guns pulled on him as more cops continued to pull in. (Total one police bike and now 4 cop cars are in this small drive). 

In front of his office 
. Where ALL his co-workers are watching AND " he" just attended a funeral... 
(I can only imagine the rumors that must have been flying in that small office!) 

He is trying to explain that he can't just let go of the bike as it will fall and if they will let him put the kickstand down he can do as they are demanding. Finally got the kickstand down, hands in the air and he is immediately  handcuffed.

Now you must be thinking what kind of man did I marry! 
Did he rob a bank? 
Is he one of Kansas's biggest drug dealers?
Did he MURDER someone?????
His shirt blew up and on his hip in the holster his gun was seen for a brief moment by this one officer.  Now this is same officer is yelling at him
and telling him that he is breaking the law!!! Handcuffs him, takes his "boyscout" pocket knife. 
(...seriously!?! his pocket knife!) 
And sets him on the curb handcuffed for over an hour! 

They run his ID. And what do they find on him.... ZIP, NADA as in

  And during this time he has also explained that he has a legal  right to carry the gun and they have seen his CC license .  SO does this stop the MADNESS? Give a quick and embarrassed apology?
Absolutely NOT! 
This ONE  cop continues to berate and yell at my husband that it is illegal for him to flash a gun and HE  has the power right to have him "thrown in jail right now for doing so" and have his CC revoked to where he can never own a gun again!

  Well long story short they had to give him back everything they took the hand cuffs and let him go.  WELL DUH!!!!  This one cop has finally left and another officer  is taking with my Mr. and tells him he is sorry for the rough time he had to go through. He agrees that my husband does not control the wind and in no way lifted his shirt for everyone to see his legally, owned and registered  gun. And that there is no way they could have thrown him in jail.

Well from that experience on my MR. has never looked at cops the same. And actually considers most of them bad. This "one" jerk of a cop abused his power. And it is so sad that this kind of thing happens all the time. I never believed the horror stories until my MR. (law abiding sales engineer) went through it.

Now my Mr and I do not see eye to eye on this subject as I am still so grateful for every man and woman who puts on a uniform and defends me and mine, and you and yours each day. I am so thankful that there are those who put it ALL on the line to keep us safe. But is it not  interesting  how quickly ONE person who choose to abuse their power can change the perspective of another...  And a little scary to realize that in one way or another we all can carry that power...