Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I Carry

I have often been asked, "Why I carry a gun on me?" and "Why I feel I need to carry a gun?" And though I have a desire to answer that question that brings understanding often I have lacked being able to present my reasons and in turn felt more judged then anything. However  today I found someone who puts my every reason to be gun carrying woman and proud of it better then I could have ever hoped to.

 I hope you will read her reasons and if you are afraid of guns
I hope you will find a reason to face that fear (as I had too). If you don't carry I hope for the safety of you and yours you will start. Or at least have someone show you how to handle one if you ever need to.

 And I hope you never have reason to use it as I hope that I never do as well.

But hope is not action and I am a woman of action. I also hope you understand that I consider myself a kind and loving person and would never want to harm a living human being...(I catch spiders for goodness sake and put them outside...unless of course they are a brown recluse.. that guy is a goner... the same way someone who leaves his or her humanity behind to become an animal who will attack and leave me  or worse my loved ones wounded or dead from it... I look at him/her or in many cases them no differently!)

I also want you to know guns USED to scare me to death.. now I feel safer because of them. After taking my CC class and hearing the satistics we women are against.. I know I stand at least a fighting chance.

Satistic 1. 70% of all brutaly violent crime is against women. That means we have a 50/50 chance of being attacked and if we are we have a 30% chance of surviving it!!!
Satistic 2. Almost all violent crimes against women will have a sexual assult.
Satistic 3. The MOST dangerous place for a woman is getting in out and of her CAR! (Jeez ladies how many times a day do we do that???) Usually coming or going from somewhere that we considered safe.
Satistic 4. Almost all violent crimes against women now involve at least TWO attackers!

I hope after reading this article you will find less reason to judge  and more reason to protect yourself and your loved ones.Why This Woman Carries A Firearm

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving a Little Green

Ok for those who do not know me I am NOT into the "whole go green" thing. I think more money and resources have been wasted then saved with all the propaganda that is out there. I am of the belief if you want to make the planet better you just do it. You don't preach about it, you don't cut down a hundred trees to print flyers, brochures and have major celebrations that cost millions of dollars. You just you do your own little part to use a little less, make things a little more natural and try to leave as small a mark on the earth as possible.  So today I am sharing a "little way" to save some green while going green (without all the hoopla and guilt).

Making your own bathroom cleaner (think soft scrub)

1/2 c. of dish washing liquid... doesn't matter what kind.( I like Dawn)
1/2 c. of baking soda
1/4 c. of vinegar

I use my Dawn bottle when it is about down to half a cup so I can squirt it out (and you can reuse the bottle over and over) . Anyway throw it all in a bottle shake and use (this will bubble at first so best to do over the sink). It DOESN'T take a lot. A little goes a long way. And now you save some green not just in your pocket but you know exactly what is going down the drain... no harsh chemicals here! And it cleans like no ones business with a little help from you. Hope you enjoy this and let me know what you think...

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Am Ashamed, But I Will Do Better

Yesterday at my ward (congregation) we had the opportunity to hear our wonderful Bishop (preacher) speak to us, and I  found his talk one of those that I believe will forever change my life.  He talked about "Living Thanks" and I have to admit the more he talked the more ashamed and remorseful I felt. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as I reflected on those two words. So much meaning.

I have often heard of the term "give thanks" and I have tried to do that in my own way. I try to be a good person, loving wife and mother but when I really thought about it I was so disappointed in myself because I haven't really "Lived Thanks" to me there is such a difference in the two. One is a thought and another an action. Does my life reflect one of action... Not the way it should.

Instead of wishing and  wanting what I may not have I should be so grateful for all that I do not just with my words but with my daily actions. I want to "live thanks" for my husband, my beautiful children, my ex-husband, my parents and siblings, extended family and my amazing friends and examples.

Just listing those few words shows how much I have to be grateful for each day. I want to awake each day and show the Lord and others through my actions how grateful I am. For all the little things that make each day a blessing. From this day forward I will do better. I will live with thanks in my heart for all the little things that make everyday a blessing, for each breathe I take a reason to smile and be grateful for the next. No matter what I will do better! I want my headstone to state just these few words "she lived with thanks" and I want them to be true.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cutest Swimsuits EVER

Hey all if you are hating dreading the swimsuit season like I have been  then you have to go check out these swimsuits! They are the BOMB! And they are modest. I have found at least 3 I need,  must have WANT! I just found my birthday wish list! Ok Mr. (hint hint) Now you know where to go for my present! Just don't stay on that site to long... cause those mama's look HOT! (Just follow the link below)
Check them out here SWIMSUITS to die for!

Ok ladies which one do you like best? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

But I Promised

So my lovely little Rebel caught me in a moment of weakness last Sept when she asked for her birthday present. She only wanted ONE THING!

Pleasseee MOM!

So what do you do when your almost straight A, never breaks curfew, always does her chores and then some ask for a belly button ring? Well I will tell you what I did I said alright (it was a moment of weakness and she made me promise) Now I have to admit I tried every way out of it I could.
I put it off for 5 months. 
Told her as many horror stories as I could come up.
Showed her pictures of things going wrong 
AND when none of that worked I finally gave in! 

So off to the electric chair we go... Seriously that is the name of the place...
I felt I had entered the twilight zone as we walked in. But it was very clean and they were very serious about checking my ID and having the proper documentation notarized before proceeding. I will admit that when I walked in I wanted to grab her and run like a mad woman head out the nearest exit... BUT
When my Rebel is settled on something she doesn't let go.. she is like a dog with a bone! She is even more stubborn then her momma and that is really saying something!

 So to the private room we proceeded and I have to admit it was VERY clean as well. Trust me I was looking for any reason to leave, but even the floors looked clean enough to eat off of. (DARN IT!)

 Ok so here she is getting the area sanitized. 
She looked so hard like she was trying not to be scared.
I told here we could STILL leave! But no go, Rotten KID!

 Back into the chair she goes!

Doesn't she look like she is in soooooo much pain! 
I about passed out here! I am such a WUSS
Holding big Bro's hand and squeezing.

My poor silly girl! 
It went fast. Actually I was surprised how fast it all happened but  
I WILL NEVER do anything like that to myself.
I think I am happy to be a WUSS. I love being a wuss!
I will wear my WUSS badge with pride if I don't ever have to watch that again!

So it is done. I didn't faint. 
Almost but not quite. 
She is smiling from ear to ear and I am sure her Father is ready to kill us both!!!
(But we told him back in Nov. He just won't remember) 
But I did promise and a promise is a promise.
It's all over and you can't even really see it But look at the smile on that girls face!

May not have been the smartest thing I have ever promised. But  I am picking my battles and I guess I figure it is better then what she could WANT or DO! She "promised" me that this was all she would ask for anyway and my Rebel is big on the promise whether or not she making it or hearing it. You break a promise and you are DIRT to her. She is as loyal as they come. And I am proud to say I  taught her that even when it is hard!

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's A Newbie Party Over at Debbiedoos

It's a PARTY at Debbiedoos so come and check out all the wonderful new women and blogs that are out there. And if you are new to this blogging adventure and haven't made yourself well known yet she is there helping to do just that! Link up and have fun discovering new bloggy friends in this wonderful bloggy world! Something for everyone :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Must Have Something To Do With The Name

So when you awake to the gentle sound your Mr's sweet voice at 5:45 am you know it is going to be a wonderful day but when you wake up to your Mr's voice bellowing calling out "Rachel you need to get down here NOW!"
in panic, anger, frustration you know it is going to be altogether different day!
I hurry down to the basement dreading what I know I am going to find... oh my I was right!  My upright freezer was somehow not shut by the last person who got something out. I think the culprit was after the ice cream again! But we will never know. The problem....
I just purchased half a beef
which = $1000.00 dollars
450 lbs of beef 
at the end of  February!

SO now I have two choices because all the meat is way past the point of refreezing(as the floor is now covered in blood)  Yep I could sit down say "why me?" and have a really good cry OR I could suck it up laugh at the craziness of my life and get to work! .

Sorry Stephanie our well deserved craft day is going to have to wait another week!

So I wake the girls, my brother and we start pulling out the ice chest from the garage, I call the girls in for school as NO ONE is going anywhere! They had already done this to me once last year but that time it was just a quarter of beef and we had already used a lot of it up. BUT  I did all the work. This time though we are in this  together!  

This is one lesson my family is never going to forget again!
Make a list for the Mr. and off to the store he goes.
We start bringing up the meat,
 and more meat....
 and more meat
dust off  pull out my new pressure cooker and the marathon begins!!! Today fears will be conquered!( Have I mentioned the thought of using a pressure cooker scares me to death!) It was a present from my Mr. One of those "Gee honey you shouldn't have kind of presents! " No really honey you shouldn't have!
  Glad he did though!

Aren't I scary at 6 in the morning! So glad God created makeup!!!

Made a frantic call to my Mother-in-Law, isn't she lovely?
 She is the pressure cooker Queen

started the girls on cooking the meat while I got on FB and asked all my friends for crock pots. By 8 am I had seven crock pots going (thank you Vicky!)  a roaster, the stove, the Georg Foreman and

my Excalibur dehydrator. I had large bags of veggies too!

 We used the bathtub to warm up all the jars and lids.

By 10 two of my helpers had about all they could take and found the couch...
even the dogs were getting worn out!

Then around noon two of my angels (friends) just showed up to help.
 Thank you Stephanine and Debbie you are the BEST!!!
 They said they didn't call because they knew "I would say I was fine and wouldn't let them come".
Which is so true. I am horrible about asking for help!( I hate to inconvenience anyone and would just rather do it myself.) They also brought their daughters to help. I am so glad I have a huge kitchen! So we were all chopping, cooking, stuffing and canning. They all stayed till 4. All that extra help was a godsend.  My Mother-in-law had to finally go by 6 (which I have to admit by that time I was ready to go myself) But thanks to her guiding hand and instructions I am no longer afraid of a pressure canner!
Pressure Cooker vs Rachel Murphy
And Rachel takes it by a landslide! The crowd goes wild!!

 While we cook they cleaned!

I can't have my basement looking like I went all psycho on someone..the bug man is coming and I don't  want him to fear for his life!Old house basements are scary enough without the floor being covered in blood!

My Mr. who "had to escape go to work around 11" at least got out of the dog house by bringing home pizza home for dinner. Smart MAN!   I had pineapple pizza. I was so sick of meat I wasn't about to eat our normal "cowboy"  
a meat lovers with mushrooms and olives. 

Well all the family conked out on me around midnight. So I worked through the night. Finally woke Mr. up at 8am and let him take over for some much needed rest. And finally here is the end product.

Good thing I wrote my confession the night before or I would have missed out on that again as well. So it was a long process almost 31 hours straight of canning. I was scared to death of a pressure canner but not no more! I am pro

My girls still complain that their rooms smell like roast and greenbeans.  And the Rebel has sworn she is going vegetarian!!!.  But hey at least the girls have become pro's at cooking hamburger now.

 We only lost the filet mignon (they thawed first) Boo Hoo ( they are so good) and 4 quarts of meat didn't seal. So all in all it was a success. It did get me to thinking though... Why does this kind of stuff ALWAYS happen to me???

It must have something to do with the name...
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".

My Mr. just had to be a MURPHY! I really hate that stupid law! But I sure love the MAN! I guess you take the good with the bad! And hey if you ever need to know how to use a pressure canner I am your gal! Just ask


Friday, March 18, 2011

I Confess....

 It's that Time again.. so come and play along,

I confess... that it has been 4 weeks since my last confession... yes it is true I stopped blogging for almost 4 weeks!
I was in a funk and forgot about how wonderful all my bloggy friends are and how much my bloggy world means to me.. BUT I am back!

I confess.... it just makes my day when I see someone is following me on their blog. (I admit I like blog stalkers).  
My post.. they are wanting to read my post just like I love reading theirs and it makes me want to jump up and sing, "YES they like me they really LIKE ME!!!"

I confess... that St. Paddy's day is one the best days ever this year because my wonderful cousins found me... it has been almost 33 years since we last spoke or saw each other and now we are in contact again and it makes me feel so blessed!

I confess.. that I think my laying hen is getting tired of me bugging her! She has 13 more days before nature says my chicks should be here but I keep checking just in case she or nature is wrong. 
I feel like a mother in waiting! 
But I swear she is giving me a look like "If I were big enough to kick you a$$ I swear I would!"  I didn't know chickens could look at you like that!!! Maybe I should just check on her once a day.

I confess... that my brother is taking FOREVER on my kitchen mural and I think he might be feeling the same way the above mentioned chicken feels...  but at least he just smiles and says not yet.. He only likes to work on it when he is in the mood.. and me bugging him isn't getting either of anywhere.. You would think I could take a hint!

I confess... I am the WORST at taking hints!

I confess... I have felt like a stalker lately of poor Shawn, poor girl just wants to add a tattoo and exercise but since I have decided to live dangerously and healthy through her she is probably thinking the same way my chicken and brother are! MAYBE I need some help! (Please forgive me Shawn!) If you haven't checked out her blog your missing out.. she is so funny! Love her so check out her blog and you too  can live dangerously through her to if you're a wuss like me!

I confess... that when I grow up and get my bloggy big shoes I want to be like one of the cool kids... Like I.A. you can check her out too.. she is so funny and you never know what she is going to share! The best ever and then of course their is the amazing creators of confession Glamazon  and Mamarazzi just to name a few!  So come on and play with us.. Tell us what is just weighing on your mind.. we promise not to tell  no matter how juicy the secret is.....ok how about we promise to laugh along with you and not at you! That's one I can keep!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Christmas the Day Before St Paddy's Day!

Wow what a big surprise when I opened my FB account. I had  2 new friend request and normally I don't get to excited about them but this time it was from cousins that  I haven't seen or heard from since I was 7 or 8! Since I am now almost 41 it feels like Christmas!

Our parents have never been very good at keeping touch so this was a wonderful news. My kids have often wondered if they would ever get the chance of a big Family Reunion on my side and now it looks like we can make that happen. Or least plan too :)

I often have wondered where everyone was and what they might be doing. And now through the miracle of modern technology (oh how I love my puter!!!) I can find out. I have even convinced one of my lovely cousins (welcome Joanna to the addictive yet wonderful world of blogging!) to start...
Isn't she beautiful! (I stole this picture from her FB page... wink wink) I think the last time I saw her she was 4!
 Can you believe this skinny minny has 6 children?!?
I mean really 6 kids !!!! Unbelieveable!
from 18 to 3
I can't wait to meet them!

I hope I can do the same thing with Kim. (that's right Kim you have to drink the koolaide if you're going to be in the cool kids group!  

We haven't actually had the opportunity to talk yet (she is at work... BOOOOOO!)  but I can't wait until we do. I am sure we will find we both have a lot in common since we kind of are the ones who raised our siblings. Well I feel like the Johnson clan finally has the "Luck of the Irish" on our side today! Beautiful weather and family... what could make a better day?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maybe He Isn't All Grown Up After All

3 am and the phone rings. 
First thought, "Who the heck would be calling at this time of night?" Second thought "If someone is calling then something important is happening!" It was my Favorite Boy and he sounded awful! Being that he is at college now it is hard for me to know what is going on with him anymore unless he calls, or FB or comes home for the weekend. But he has done none of these and has been sick since Thursday! Since Thursday are you kidding ME!!!

So he tells me that he is throwing up blood. Has been coughing up blood! His ribs hurt so bad he can barely move and he isn't sleeping at all. So quick call to his dad because he can get there quicker then I can. Hospital is one mile away. After all the meds and test. He just has a bad virus and a terrible cold and needed strong meds to get it gone. And LOTS of rest!  

I guess no matter how "adult" they think they are they still need MOM (and dad) at 3 am!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Thoughts On the Crisis in Japan

As I have been reading the headlines and watching the reports of what is happening in Japan I have had  4 thoughts that have been strongest in my mind..

1. First and foremost my heart breaks for the citizens of Japan, for their loss of loved ones, their homes, businesses and economy. Just watching the videos looks like something out a horror movie, not anything that could be a reality yet it is. And I hurt and I pray for them.

2. Second how impressed I am with the way they are handling such a difficult crisis...  with such HONOR.
NO looting of stores, homes. No extreme violence against those who have been devastated and who are helpless. No rapes of women who are without protection. No thinking of just ones wants and putting the good of the community at risk. They are such a beautiful example of how to come together and make the best of a horrible situation.

3. The government has not had to come in and take over with force any of their rights. They are not being treated like cattle as they are moved from one place to another.. At least if they are it is not yet being reported.

4. How would I handle this if it were me? 
My family? My community? How prepared am I? 
How prepared are my dear extended family and friends?

Now I grant you that if a wave of water drug away my home my preparedness might not matter, but what if my home was spared? Could I take care of my family on my own, no outside help? My extended family? My friends and neighbors? I would like to think that I have a better start then many but it makes me want to work harder.I don't want to be a burden to my community, my church and for sure not my friends or extended family. I want to be able to reach out at such a horrible time and offer my love and support. BUT how can I do that if I am not prepared?  
How can I be that light in the darkness to lead others  if I have no oil to burn? 

 So with that being said I have a survey I have been putting together that I would like to challenge each of you to take. Please look it over... please I promise it won't take all night and it might just get you started on something that could very well save your life someday if not the lives of your children...  
(now is that a dramatic plea or what? 
but seriously it might be us instead of Japan someday!)

 For just a week imagine NO STORES, no Wally Worlds, no Target, No Kroger, No Q-shops.
How ready are you??? 
Take it to two weeks, a month.
How long can you keep your family going right now on what you have?
No one will see your answers so you don't need to cheat! Answer Honestly!
  Ok  go grab your pen and paper 

(1) Are you debt-free? Y N

(If "yes", skip to section "Food Storage".)
And Congratulations!!! You so rock! And please share you stories and secrets of success.. Really I want to know!

(2) Please complete questions indicating what type of debt you have;

a) home mortgage Y N
b) car Y N
c) credit card Y N
d) recreational vehicle(s) Y N
e) other Y N
(3) Approximately, what is the total monetary amount of debt you currently carry? ________ be honest only you are going to see your answers! ;)
(4) Are you actively following a plan to become debt-free? Y N if not maybe it is time to find one. Here is a great place to start. Dave Ramsey Baby Steps
(5) Estimate how many years/months before you become debt-free._____ Mortgage Calculator

Food Storage
(6) Do you have a functioning home food storage program? Y N
(7) How many gallons of water do you have stored (not including water heater, toilet tanks)? _______
How long do you think any of your family can survive without clean water?
(8) How many pounds of grain and/or legumes do you have stored (rice, wheat, etc)? ______
(9) Are you using your storage items on at least a weekly basis? Y N
(10) How many rotating food supplies?
a) cans (soup, vegetables, etc.)________
b) powdered milk _____________
c) other (list item & amount) _____________
d) other (list item & amount) _____________
e) other (list item & amount) _____________
f) other (list item & amount) _____________
g) other (list item & amount) _____________
(1 l)Estimate how many months your family could survive on your overall food storage if you had to: __________
Here is a great link to figure out how much you need for your family Food Storage Calculator

Fuel Storage
Please answer the following as if electricity/natural gas service is disrupted:
(12) Do you have an alternative heating source (wood burning stove, propane, etc.) Y N
(13) Estimate how many days of fuel for such heating you have stored: _____
(14) Estimate how many hours lighting you have stored (candles, lanterns, generator, etc.): _______
(15) Do you own an alternate cooking device? Y N
(16) Do you own dutch oven/outdoor cookware? Y N Do you know how to use a Dutch oven or outdoor cookware if you have it? Y N
Medical Supplies
(17) Do you have a family first aid kit? Y N Where is it?______ Do you have one in each car? Y N
Personal Hygiene
(18) Do you have a chemical toilet? Y N
(19) How many pounds of soap/detergent do you have stored? ________
(Do you have water to clean your clothing , body, and surroundings?) Y N
(20) How many bars of hand/bath soap do you have stored? ___________
(21) How many boxes of Kleenex tissues do you have stored? _________
(22) How many rolls of toilet paper do you have stored? __________
(23) How many rolls of paper towels do you have stored? _________
(24) How many packages of baby wipes do you have stored?_________
(25) How many packages of female necessities do you have stored?_________
(And do you have a  sanitary  way to depose of them?) Y N

Alternative Dwelling
(26 ) Do you have an alternative dwelling if house became unlivable? (tent, camper, trailer, etc.)? Y N
(27) Do you have a 72-hour kit for each family member? Y N Is it up to date and ready to go with things that will fit? You can use? You can eat? Water to drink?
(28) Do have a 72 hour kit for your car? Y N

Well I could go on and on but I don't want to bore you, and I don't want to scare you. I want to help you think of those things that often go to the wayside until it is to late. I hope you find this helpful and it gets you to taking those baby steps to preparedness.
And if you could give me some feed back I am thinking about teaching some classes on this so I would love to know what you think!

Here is a link to a friend of mine on food storage as well... Hope you check her out Nonna

Ten On Tuesday

 Come and play along... 

Questions for Tuesday, March 15, 2011!

1. What is your cleaning style like?
What a great question... hmmmmm... I guess I like things put away but with 6 people here and 4 dogs it can get pretty messy quickly. But I often here that my idea of a mess and other peoples is the NOT the same. I am told that I am to clean but I think they are wrong! lol

2. What is your favorite thing to add to an outfit to take it from casual to classy?
heels and pearls

3. Do you like stormy weather?
If I get to stay in bed with my Mr. I love it. But if I have to go out in it or my kids are in NO!

4. What is your favorite cold treat on a hot day?
Popsicle! I love them :) Really is there anything better?

5. What is your favorite warm treat on a cold day?
Hot chocolate and warm chocolate chip cookies (homemade of course!) I have lots of chocolate themes!

6. Who is your favorite animated character?
I don't think I have one. But when I was a kid I loved Jaber Jaws

7. What do you keep your jewelry in?
I don't keep much jewelry but I keep it in a jewelry chest.

8. Do any of the rooms in your house have a theme?
Not yet but I am working on it. Right now I guess the theme is clean and organized. And with the teens it is seeing the floor and being able to open the door and not run away screaming. But someday the house will be all mine (the Mr. has a man cave) and then it will all be THEMED! bwhaaaaaa! 

9. Do you watch any interior design TV shows – if so, what is your favorite?
No cable! Boo Hoo but I read lots of blogs and read lots of books.

10. When was the last time you did something risk-taking?
Last night. I told my Mr. his weight is bothering me. That was very hard. He is to young to have to be on blood pressure meds and have high cholesterol.  And I worry if he isn't concerned now then it will just get worse. I want us to have a long life together so maybe it wasn't nice but I think it would be worse to lie. But he got really mad. I hate when I make him MAD!

Monday, March 14, 2011

3 Birthdays, 2 Tatto's and a Brother with His Dog

Hello! I am back... did any of ya miss me? lol

Does anyone else ever just hit that brick wall and it just kind of knocks the wind out of ya?

 Not sure what happened but all of a sudden there I was lying on my back with all the air gone and not sure what hit me. I guess lately I have had a lot going on and just forgot about how my blog world is my wonderful escape.

So my Mr. is now another year older and the poor guy keeps forgetting things. Not sure what is going on with that because he NEVER was one to forget where he puts something. He is very um... anal  organized. So this is starting to make us both worry. And if he was years older then me we would worry a little less but he is only 2 months and one day older! So not sure what to do.. Any suggestions for us??   I will share them all with him.. not sure he will remember them but we can try.  :)

My Drama Queen is now 17! Let the tears fall... When the heck did we give them permission to grow so fast?  She is no longer my little girl but becoming a woman. She really has changed so much in last few years and now when I look at her I just see who she wants to be. A future mom(she is going to be a great one) and wife. and so soon a college student.The thoughts just make my heart break... soon I will have to let her go and I am not sure I can.She is trying to help me ease into though.. this summer she wants to go on a mission to New Orleans for 2 weeks. I am trying to not bawl like a baby be strong and support her but it is so hard!

My Super Star is now 14.  I  feel like I still have lots of time to try not screw up spend with her. Though she is now talking about driving. Really??? Driving! Why do they want to grow up so quickly? She is so ready to take on the world and high school. She is our social butterfly. She had not one but two birthday parties. One by us and then one of her friends threw her another one. That means 2  food fights! I will have to post the pics later for that one. But I will tell you my poor kitchen was covered in cake! Fridge, stove, floor and about 15 teens. Great pictures! But what a mess... Leave it to her to not eat the cake! LOL

Now the tattoo's my son... the college boy.. the one who is now 19 and thinks he is adult enough to do whatever it is that he wants... yeah that one! Got not one but two tattoo's! Thanks Uncle Johnny!

I do have to admit they are pretty. He designed both his sisters names and a drawing and had each put on a wrist. It is very sweet how much he loves those girls but really what is his future wife going to think??? I am sure she is going to want her name somewhere too! Then if he has girls??? His poor body is going to be covered in girls names!!!

(Ok so the picture below shows how I was feeling about the whole thing!!!)
"He knew what he was doing and he was old enough to do it."  At least it isn't all over his body.. and the great part for me.. his 30 minute to 1 hour tattoo's took almost 5 hours. Ok so the fact that it hurt him a little brought me pleasure.. sue me!  A mother has to have some joy at her son marring his body and not being able to stop it! Ok so the picture below shows how I was feeling about the whole thing!!!

And finally a Brother with his dog... Yep there is another dog living at my house now. 

Grand total now 4 house dogs!!!
But I love my brother and he needs a place to stay while he gets back on his feet (thank you hard economy) and I am that soft place to fall. That has always kind of been my role as oldest. Caretaker... it is nice to have him around to help me with my projects...and his girl is sweet but I swear if one more dog moves in I am moving out!
Well I guess that has caught you up on the last 3 weeks. I have missed you my bloggy friends and I promise I will try not to hide for so long again.