Monday, September 12, 2011

We Will Never Forget and My 11

Yesterday marked a sad Anniversary for our great Nation, and I as many others remembered and honored those who were lost. The familiar saying, "Never Forget" was quoted often and for a moment I was  saddened, ashamed, and grateful. Have "I" truly remembered? I remember that day and the days that followed of Americans coming together. Everyone was wearing flag pins, had flags in yards, businesses, and had magnetic flags on cars. You could not walk anywhere and not see our pride for our great Nation. Our love for our country men, the soldiers who were giving their all so loved.... It was on the radio, in the malls, and mostly in our actions and hearts. It was "WHO WE ARE" and now I look back just 10 years later and I wonder did I forget? NOT that day. It will forever be one that I carry, but that pride, that feeling of being an American, proud, humble, grateful.

So here are MY 11....

1. I will never forget what my freedom cost. When I am grumpy because I have so much to do and don't want to spend the day at a job I picked, I will be grateful that someone I never will know gave their all so that I can be at a job "I" picked. Doing what I want to do, being who I want to be.

2. I will never forget to thank  the soldiers who keep that freedom alive today for me,

my family and for you. If I don't agree with the politics of the day I will still always HONOR the men and women who are giving their all to protect this great place we call home. I will donate blood if they need it. I will do something in some small way to give back to them just a little bit of what they give to me.

3. I will never forget that I can weep for a stranger that I have never met. I will never allow my heart to become cold or bitter and forget that humanity is what makes us who we are not money, or career or fame.

4.  I will never forget when I am pulled over for speeding by a fellow officer doing his job it was brave men like "him" who RAN into a building that everyone else was running out of. That on that dreadful day it  was men like him who showed HONOR and BRAVERY who did their job until the end. And I will give him the respect he deserves and his job has earned him. After all I am the one breaking the law not him!

5. I will never forget how it felt to be that scared. Fear can be a good thing. It can motivate and bring about change. It can remind us that we are human and that each day is special and we need to do the most with it.

6. I will never forget how proud I need to be of being an American. And with that comes the task of doing good. Making my community stronger. Smiling at a stranger, lending a hand when one is needed. Making a sacrifice for another. There are so many ways I can do that. Small but still there. Work at the food bank, donate a dollar here and there, pick up a piece of trash someone else threw down. Small but each makes a difference.

7. I will never forget how grateful I was to have my family near me. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing people in life. And when those towers fell, I was blessed to have all my family safe. To hold them, kiss them or talk to them if far away.

8. I will never forget how fragile life is... How quickly someone else can take it away. So I will protect myself and those I love. I will not be ashamed to stand up for them or myself. I will not let FEAR control my life like I did that day. I was a zombie and then a maniac. Reacting to everything in all the wrong ways. Letting my kids see me unsure of everything around us. Never again will they see that person. I will prepare and keep myself aware of all that is going on in the world.

9. I will never forget the BRAVERY of those on the plane that stood up knowing it would be the last thing that they would ever do. I want to be brave like that. I want to choose the hard things that are the right things to make others safe and know that my actions now might lead to something great in the future for someone I never even knew.

10. I will never forget how close I depended on God

and my faith to see me through those scary first days. How the Lord is in control, and this is "HIS" world. He loves us and he always will. Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people. It is just the way the world works. It just is sometimes... but PRAYER was said everywhere. People everywhere were going to church, reaching out to God, leaning on him.  Praying for those they knew only by a picture or name. I will never forget how amazing it felt when our Nation was depending on our Father to see  us through.  When we were taking him everywhere instead of trying to keep him out of everywhere.

11. I will never forget that we were a community UNITED in a cause. We wept together,  prayed together, we donated blood, we gave all we could afford to others who were in need. WE are brothers and sisters united in our FREEDOM, we had HONOR for our great Nation. We stood side by side PROUD of  who we are. Color did not matter, race did not matter, sexual prefrence did not matter, MONEY did not matter, age did not matter, NOTHING mattered but that WE WERE AMERICANS and I look forward to the day when we can all be there again.


  1. Great post Rach! And very well written also. Yesterday was a very sad sad day. I hope nothing like what happened to us 10 short years ago happens to our great nation ever again.

  2. This was wonderful, Rachel. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. great post and a good list of 11. new here so going to go wander around a bit to see what is happening


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