Sunday, August 21, 2011

SOOOOOO You're a Drake not a Duck... Opps!

As I am soaking up the sun rays in my pool and  feeling sorry for myself due to my dying garden(thanks to our 3 digit weather)  I hear all kinds of ruckus going on with the ducks. First thought is that something got in the duck area again! And me without my gun.... great!

NOPE! Instead I apparently interrupted some private time!  Surprise MOM!!!
it seems that Cali is on top of Freckles and all the others ducks are making this strange noise ( i didn't know they did that, little exhibitionist.)  YES I am a little    S...L...O...W     at getting it  
(don't judge... this was shock!)

 OHHHH ok!!!!

now it all  makes sense!  Cali always seemed to be in charge ( here I thought her a bossy little girl....) and the others just more timid. NOPE the company I ordered my GIRL ducks from sent me a drake!
 So "Cali" is now "Cal"

  AND  it seems "he" and Freckles have decided they are an item. 
 Well they are cute together...

Well it seems I will get some little ducklings after all and HONESTLY who can resist those little balls of fluff with big feet ???   Not me!
However I may need a BIGGER duck house!


  1. Your duck couple are darling.

  2. HA! That is hysterical! Those baby ducklings are soooo cute, aren't they? They're like little fuzz balls!

  3. Hahaha! They look so good together. It's so funny to me you didn't know Cali was a Cal. I guess it would be hard to tell on a duck.

  4. Too funny!! My garden is dead too by the way - uhg! I'll try again next year.

  5. That's funny! They sure are cute ducks!


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