Saturday, August 20, 2011

Me and My Milking Bad Self

So when I started this little adventure I thought it would be a cake walk, seriously how hard could providing milk for your family be? Well with Ali it has been interesting to say the least. I love my little girl but she can be such a  pain stinker and there is so much more to milking then you think. NO SERIOUSLY!!!  So just to help you out here is the easy 7 steps required!

Step 1. Get up nice and early (and try not be a witch) because that is when the milking is done (and if you ever breast feed your babies you KNOW what is like to have milk building in the breast and  not being able to feed... PAINFUL...same for a goat) and the rooster crows anyway!

Step 2. Get out the milking pail and clean cloth (without running your half sleeping self into the chair one of your children left in the way..... thanks again guys!)

Step 3. Get grain and goat to cooperate and get on milking stand while keeping baby goat away and in the pen. 
(and though MOST mornings Ali makes this a simple task there are some when it seems like I actually have to pick up said 105 lb goat and put her on there while keeping baby goat (Zoie) back with one foot... I truly think this would make an entertaining video someday.... perhaps I can talk someone into getting up and taping it for you all... DOUBTFUL but I could try )
and lock in her head.

Step 4. Wipe down milk bag, underside and get stared at by goat who is not happy with you messing with her underside while she is trying to eat her breakfast.... ok I can't really blame her, after all who wants a morning bath while trying to eat?

Step 5. MILK.... this is the  simple task of now pulling on teats and getting the milk to come out. One teat then the other, over and over and over again and over again!

Step 6. Bring in milk and set up jar, funnel and filter said milk (no one wants a stray Ali hair in their cereal!)

Step 7. Clean and sanitize all items used and prepare to do it again tomorrow. (I only milk once a day now so baby goat can get what she needs)

So that is the morning process and the REWARD when I started this adventure....
That's right one stupid TBSP of milk. All that work. and this is what I get???   So back to the books I go and here is what I found out. THERE IS SO MUCH TO THIS THAT I DIDN'T KNOW that I didn't KNOW!!!!

But am I one to just give up, admit defeat or that I was wrong still had more to learn???  


So day after day, new trick after new trick and this is now my reward...

 Woot WOOT!

Yep that is right from this to this! 

So do I now admit this was much harder then I EVER imagined it would be, that early mornings aren't really my thing.... MAYBE..(to myself) but in the mean time I am going to brag just a little about me and my milking bad self! Well of course my girl as well,  my sweet patient girl.... she knew WE could do this all along...
Ok I know I look  horrible  in the am. BUT HEY.. it truly is toooooo EARLY to care, but isn't my Ali beautiful, she never has to worry about not looking her best so jealous!


  1. i am so impressed by this. seriously, i would have given up.

  2. Your goat is so cute. The whole process sounds like fun if it was not for the early hours. I would end up trying to milk the dog.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Wow! That is a lot of work. You are a better woman than I am. I'm HORRIBLE in the morning. I'm afraid I'd shoot me a rooster early in the morning and go back to bed.

  4. That's awesome you stuck with it! Your goat is cute, but you definitely look much cuter. I don't think I'd be willing to post a picture of me in the morning.


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