Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Back!!! And Ready to Confess!

Well it is that lovely time of day to let it all out... and after hmmmm  (what is it 3or more months) I am ready to confess! 

I confess... that having my parents living with me has taken some gettting use to adjusting, but I am really glad they are here. I like having time with them and they are such a big help with things around here! But I will also be happy for them when they are able to have their own space again.

I confess... I am so so so  ready for school to start... not really because my kids are driving me crazy (ok maybe just a little bit) but just so I can be  back on schedule again as well. I have been more of a BUM this summer then any other I can think of!

I confess.... that I love AQUA ZUMBA... ( i know you want me.... you know I wan't cha ...) and I  CAN'T get the songs out my head!

I confess... I love having a tan line!!! I have a body right now with 2 different colors... I know YUCK right? But not for me. I love it! I have taken time to get a tan! Woot Woot!

I confess... that this swimsuit contest. has been a little nerve wracking... I really would like to win since I want to use the money to take my kiddo's on a vacation
but I am the oldest one there and that is a lot of competition!  But all the lovely comments I have received have also really boosted the self esteem! Go women over 40! We still got it!

I confess... that when someone noted on my pic that I looked like I did nothing but laid around all day on the beach that I laughed out loud. Like seriously my mom was looking at me like I lost it... yet again!    If only she could have seen me with sweat pooring down my face just 20 minutes earlier cleaning out my goat barn and chicken coop! OH if that poor girl only knew the truth how disappointed she would be!

I confess... that if one more person calls me a NOT  "real mom". I am going to load up my 4 teens and ship them to their house for a week... (maybe 2) AND  I might just throw in the goat, chickens, ducks and dogs to boot!!!  ;)

Well there you have it.. my confessions... Can't wait to READ yours.... So join up with


  1. Goats. Wow. I used to dream of being a hippy animal farmer. Cows. Goat's. Chickens.pigs.
    I live in the city and don't even want pets.

    Love a tan, hate the lines. Except the comparison between is awesome. For awhile I was neoplitan.

    You look awesome.

  2. Oddly enough, I also like having tan lines. I normally don't so I find it fascinating. Happy Friday.

  3. I love tan lines! It means a summer well done. I just hate shoulder or chest lines if I'm wearing a strapless dress.
    I think it's so awesome that you entered a bikini contest! I wouldn't do it now at 27 so go you! I scrolled down and you look fantastic! I hope you win!
    Why would anyone say you're not a real mom? I would smack them!

  4. I confess I want to have a farm like Martha Stewart has...she pays a bunch of people to take care of all of it and she gets all the glory and delicious, fresh produce from all the plants and animals !
    BTW, I have missed you !!!

  5.'re rockin' that bikini like nobody's business! Go you! Really, you look amazing. Best of luck in the contest!!

  6. Whoa! I just "liked" your bikini pic! AMAZING! Hot stuff! I need to get back on the training program. I don't pull off bikini's these days. Maybe next summer.

    Tan lines are awesome!!

    I want to milk something. Just once. For fun.

    Why are they calling you not "real mom"?

  7. Since when does having teenagers make you not a "real mom". I found it much easier to change diapers than helping with homework, monitoring internet use, teaching your kids to drive, or explaining sex or any of the challenging things we MOTHERS of teens do each day.
    Boy are those mothers in for a shock.
    They are probably jealous because you look fantastic in your swimsuit, I know I am.

  8. Confession: I have never tried goat's milk because I'm terrified!!

    I really need to get with the program and try Zumba! I hear so many wonderful things.

    Good luck on the swimsuit contest! :)

  9. missed ya!!

    i am loving my tan line too...loving!!

    milking a goat, i love this about you!

    thanks for linking up your confessions, it was fun catching up with you. i have missed your bloggy goodness. a lot. but i have been WAY out of the loop due to Summer...

  10. Hi i'm new here but i love your confessions today i like my tan lines to as this is the first year I've had them.

    PS your children are gorgeous.

  11. You look amazing! Good luck with your contest. I don't even remember what my arm muscles look like.

    "Not a real mom!?!" The teenage years are what I fear most. I don't think you could be any more of a real mom. AND you milk goats and clean out chicken coups. I think that may be worse than the diapers I changed today. :)

    I was glad to see in my reader tonight!

  12. I love having tan line too! Except mine crack me up this year. I'm all sweet farmer tans and flip flop lines. Lameosauras. I blame my 8 week baby. I also blame her for my oh so NOT sexy bikini body! Man oh man you look smokin hot!! Jeesh!! Good job! As for me, well, I would HOPE this dang baby chub is gone by next summer!!

  13. Goats milk, that is awesome! I hear that it's SO healthy too. Good for you :)

  14. not a real What is a fake one LOL. You had a lot of good confessions, very real very honest ones.


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