Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If Someone Would Have Told Me 3 Years Ago....

If someone had told me 3 years ago that I would wake each morning at 6 am to go and milk goats, feed and water chickens,ducks and spend time weeding and caring for my garden each day, AND then repeat the same routine (i am horrible with schedules) at 6 pm each night. I truly would have laughed at them, called them crazy and excused myself for a nap!
Just the thought of it would have exhausted me! 
But it is true. 
This is my life each day. AND I LOVE IT!!!!

When I look in the mirror anymore it is strange as the girl looking back is not the girl I used to be.
But I like her! 
I like her messy hair, and muddy boots. I like the sun glow she has from working in the yard. And I tell you there is nothing better then goat kisses... REALLY!
(You ought to get one.
To have that kind of love from an animal is amazing. Yes I have always had that from my dogs, but goats are just a little more of surprise.

I still LoVe beautiful things. I have just found myself finding more beauty in watching ducks splash in pond, seeing little plants breaking the ground and bring forth food for my family. And watching them do things that make me laugh and surprise me. I mean really have you ever seen a goat steal your daughter Popsicle? I have!

And the look on her face was great! I must have laughed half the day! What a feeling!

I still like make up and fixing myself up, but it is more of a special me time now then "this is my routine" but I feel healthy, and strong. And I feel more beautiful then I ever have. More comfortable with who "I" am. And my Mr. still thinks I am sexy! lol

Instead of working out in the gym I move hay, turn over my compost, clean out barns, rototiller my garden. Instead of getting my nails done and keeping them from breaking I feel the wonderfulness of dirt and digging. It is such a wonderful life I am blessed with. Each day I get to sit outside and just take in the beauty of
God's design, 
 of his creatures,
and his peace. 
I am amazed at much I used to miss.

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  1. Yes, it is amazing, isn't it?! Nice to see you back on your blog again! :)


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