Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6 Ugly Little Letters

I sit here waiting and wondering how 6 little ugly letters can change a life. The word they create brings so much sorrow, fear, and worry.

CANCER... such a ugly little word.

It can take a beautiful life and turn it upside down and inside out. And that is what I have watched it do to our Aunt V. Not that she shows it with complaints or even in attitude. She is strong  She isn't one of these little blue haired ladies that sits and lets life slowly drift by, her hair is more of a steel gray as if to rebel against the fact that she is 82 and until 3 months ago she led her fellow ladies at their exercise group. She took walks every morning before most the rest of us were up. Now she can't even attend the class let alone lead it.

She has gone from 135 lbs to 117 lbs and looks much weaker then I have ever seen her look. She faces everything head on. The chemo (which was with pills) has really taken it's toll. Swelling her mouth and tongue, giving her a rash and making her head itch. But now they say the tumor has not grown and she starts radiation.

The radiation should (we cross our fingers) kill this evil thing!  6 weeks of Monday through Friday of radiation. Hitting that evil thing with an intense laser and hoping and praying it is destroyed. Today she gets her permanent tattoo's. ( I tease her that I knew she was rebel and always wanted tattoo's, and she laughs and scolds me ) 3 of them to forever mark her body and show the fight she has started. This is so the machine knows exactly where to hit each time it enters her body.

Well Cancer you may have started this fight but I wonder if you know who you are against. Fight Aunt V will. She may be "old" because the clock of Father Time says so but you don't know how strong that body, mind and will are. She will fight so she can feed her ducks, and remind of us times gone by. She will fight because that is who she is. A fighter. And if she stops trying to fight I will pick her up and remind her how much we love her and why she needs to continue to fight. Cancer you may have your 6 ugly little letters but we still have our 4 beautiful ones... HOPE and with that we will not give up!


  1. I have so missed seeing you!

    I'll pray for your Aunt V that is continues to fight her way through this nasty journey kicking and screaming the entire way!

  2. Oh how I've missed you friend!!

    I'm sorry to hear about Aunt V but it sounds like she's a fighter. So many people in each of our lives are affected by that evil 6 letter word. It's just so sad. I hate it. Keep us updated!

  3. Saying prayers. My mom has been through both lung and breast cancer, but she is still strong. Hoping the same for Aunt V.


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