Friday, April 8, 2011

One Of The Hardest Things I Have Ever Done

Last night I had to stop playing country gal and actually become one. You see I am the kind of gal that if I can catch a bug in glass and put it outside I will. I hate seeing things suffer so last night I had to make a decision as hard as was to put my sick chicken down. 

I have been nursing her for the last  2 weeks in my kitchen. 
Trying everything I can think of to make her healthy again.

I tried medicine, vitamins, feeding her a personal diet that I made her daily, hand feeding her and giving her special little treats, forcing water down her. Holding her and separating her from the others in my kitchen and nothing worked. She would look good for a couple of days and then look just as bad or worse. Finally I couldn't watch her suffer any longer and had to put her down.  Both my brother and husband let me know they would do it for me if I needed them to(though neither wanted to do it)  Doing so was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I did (not someone else)  heart broken and all. She no longer suffers and I proved I can do what I need to do. 

 But sometime it just breaks your heart while doing it.
Bye my little Ruthie I will miss you


  1. Oh Rachel I'm so sorry!
    When a fox got my chickens I was devastated!! I cried and cried.

    Then when Henny Penny got sick, I took her to the country vet...the vet had to put her down.
    Doc Deb asked if I wanted to stay with her......I couldn't bare it!!

    And now my older chicks are dying of old age.......still brings a tear!

    Big hug from one Chicken Lady to another!

  2. I am so sorry :( Sometimes it's the hardest things that make us stronger.

  3. Oh I'm so sad for you. Sorry for Ruthie but she is all better now. I am the same way, can't stand to see suffering of any kind.

    Have a better day!

  4. I'm sorry Rachel!! :( That must have been sooo hard to do. You are one strong woman. (And a lovely country gal!!!)

  5. So heart wrenching to go through. I do understand your pain.


  6. What a tough decision. You showed strength and compassion, two very admirable qualities!

  7. Oh, so sad. You've had a rough time with these chickens.

  8. I am sorry to hear to your chickens passing. I have always told my kids that if an animal spends its life being with us and making us happy the least we can you when they die is to be with them in there final momments. Your chicken was lucky to have had you.

  9. Bless your heart Rachel! I'm so so sorry about Ruthie.

  10. So sorry about your little hen. I hate that part of life. Our dog is getting that way. He's 12 1/2 and going downhill rapidly. I can't STAND the thought of not having him around. He's been my shadow since we got married. I wish our little animal friends could live much longer!!

  11. STUPID CHICKEN!! IT NEED TO SERIOUSLY BE TORTUED AND SUFFER!!!! they are so stupid! fat, ugly, go BOK BOK BOK.. STUPID CRAPPY CHICKENS!!! I'm sorry but this Ruthie piece of crap deserves the suffering cause chickens deserve TORTURE!!!!! i rip chickens legs apart for fun every week and punch then in the faces and throw eggs at them the hardest as i can, then if i run out once they die then ill buy me more.
    its alot of fun! like one time, i jumped with my legs crossed and SMASHED it!!! it was so funny the way it was yelling from the pain! XDDDDD after that i put it on the stove and cooked it alive.
    My brother was enjoying it XD the chicken after that lil piece of crap was a rhode island red and it annoyed the HELL out of meh so i tied a rope on its stupid legs and attached it onto my truck then drove on the highway XDD only thing left from it was like half of the face and tord up body with legs all turned out black LOL
    stupid chickens never learn! my first chicken pecked at meh ring so dat LIL STUPID ASS CRAPY CRAP FOR CRAP UGLY BITCH GOT PUNCHED IN DA FACE!!!


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