Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I Carry

I have often been asked, "Why I carry a gun on me?" and "Why I feel I need to carry a gun?" And though I have a desire to answer that question that brings understanding often I have lacked being able to present my reasons and in turn felt more judged then anything. However  today I found someone who puts my every reason to be gun carrying woman and proud of it better then I could have ever hoped to.

 I hope you will read her reasons and if you are afraid of guns
I hope you will find a reason to face that fear (as I had too). If you don't carry I hope for the safety of you and yours you will start. Or at least have someone show you how to handle one if you ever need to.

 And I hope you never have reason to use it as I hope that I never do as well.

But hope is not action and I am a woman of action. I also hope you understand that I consider myself a kind and loving person and would never want to harm a living human being...(I catch spiders for goodness sake and put them outside...unless of course they are a brown recluse.. that guy is a goner... the same way someone who leaves his or her humanity behind to become an animal who will attack and leave me  or worse my loved ones wounded or dead from it... I look at him/her or in many cases them no differently!)

I also want you to know guns USED to scare me to death.. now I feel safer because of them. After taking my CC class and hearing the satistics we women are against.. I know I stand at least a fighting chance.

Satistic 1. 70% of all brutaly violent crime is against women. That means we have a 50/50 chance of being attacked and if we are we have a 30% chance of surviving it!!!
Satistic 2. Almost all violent crimes against women will have a sexual assult.
Satistic 3. The MOST dangerous place for a woman is getting in out and of her CAR! (Jeez ladies how many times a day do we do that???) Usually coming or going from somewhere that we considered safe.
Satistic 4. Almost all violent crimes against women now involve at least TWO attackers!

I hope after reading this article you will find less reason to judge  and more reason to protect yourself and your loved ones.Why This Woman Carries A Firearm


  1. Hi Rachel...I never judge who carries a gun. In fact I don't put that much thought into long it is a sane minded person..I get it.
    I never was one for guns of any sorts...however my teenager really loves airsofting and has these guns that look so real and powerful. I am getting used to the fact.

  2. That's great, Rachel! I'd like to get the nerve to carry a gun. I think I'm hesitant right now b/c I have little kids and am afraid they'd get into it in my purse. I know my mother-in-law got a tazer (sp?) gun for Christmas (funny gift, huh? :) ) and that would be a great thing also. It gives you 30 seconds to get away, which is a lot of time when you need it. Of course, if there was 2 attackers, I'm not sure how that would work out. I know there are many people in my church who believe in and carry guns, and it makes me feel safe that if any loony came in and started a rampage, he'd be dealt with fairly quickly. There is safety in proper gun carrying/use. I think so many of us are just afraid to actually "carry" one. But it's an important part of our freedom. I think it is great you carry one. You can come shopping with me ANYTIME!!! :)

  3. We have home protection but I honestly have no idea how to use it. However, I'm fairly confident that if someone was about to assault one of my girls I could figure it our quickly!

    My husband has been asking me to take a concealed weapons class for a few years now. Sadly, I agree that it becoming necessary!

  4. An armed citizen is a civilized citizen. We carry and believe in the right for all Americans to bear arms. Our favorite date is once a month date night at the gun range! If you have firearms, know how to use them and teach your children firearms safety from a very young age.

    You go, girl!

  5. I think it's good for women to do what they think is right to keep themselves and their families safe.

    I did just buy some pepper spray a couple months ago. I'm not sure how often pepper spray is effective, but it makes me feel better having it. :)

  6. I've only actually shot a gun a few times. I told Hubby I want him to take me to the shooting range for practice. I'm ALL ABOUT protecting my family! I am Momma Bear - hear me roar!

  7. I shot guns and am not afraid of them, but don't carry one all the time. Our state just passed a concealed weapons law that allows a citizen of Wyoming who can legally carry a gun to carry that gun concealed without a concealed gun permit. It makes me feel better about my hubby carrying his gun.


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