Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

 Come and play along... 

Questions for Tuesday, March 15, 2011!

1. What is your cleaning style like?
What a great question... hmmmmm... I guess I like things put away but with 6 people here and 4 dogs it can get pretty messy quickly. But I often here that my idea of a mess and other peoples is the NOT the same. I am told that I am to clean but I think they are wrong! lol

2. What is your favorite thing to add to an outfit to take it from casual to classy?
heels and pearls

3. Do you like stormy weather?
If I get to stay in bed with my Mr. I love it. But if I have to go out in it or my kids are in NO!

4. What is your favorite cold treat on a hot day?
Popsicle! I love them :) Really is there anything better?

5. What is your favorite warm treat on a cold day?
Hot chocolate and warm chocolate chip cookies (homemade of course!) I have lots of chocolate themes!

6. Who is your favorite animated character?
I don't think I have one. But when I was a kid I loved Jaber Jaws

7. What do you keep your jewelry in?
I don't keep much jewelry but I keep it in a jewelry chest.

8. Do any of the rooms in your house have a theme?
Not yet but I am working on it. Right now I guess the theme is clean and organized. And with the teens it is seeing the floor and being able to open the door and not run away screaming. But someday the house will be all mine (the Mr. has a man cave) and then it will all be THEMED! bwhaaaaaa! 

9. Do you watch any interior design TV shows – if so, what is your favorite?
No cable! Boo Hoo but I read lots of blogs and read lots of books.

10. When was the last time you did something risk-taking?
Last night. I told my Mr. his weight is bothering me. That was very hard. He is to young to have to be on blood pressure meds and have high cholesterol.  And I worry if he isn't concerned now then it will just get worse. I want us to have a long life together so maybe it wasn't nice but I think it would be worse to lie. But he got really mad. I hate when I make him MAD!


  1. I've had that talk with my Mr Husband too... he almost had a stroke last year b/c his BP was so high, even on meds.... and then his cholesteral got high and his weight got higher than he thought it was. He went on HCG and lost and kept off 46lbs since August. His numbers are better now and its made a difference. It is a tough talk to have, but worth it b/c he is that important.

  2. I have a simple lotto...everything has a place and evry place has a ting. How easy is that?!!?

    My hubby lost 100 pounds, no more high blood pressure or triglycorytes medicine and no more breathing machine!

    Tough love sister, we only do it because we love them!


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