Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Thoughts On the Crisis in Japan

As I have been reading the headlines and watching the reports of what is happening in Japan I have had  4 thoughts that have been strongest in my mind..

1. First and foremost my heart breaks for the citizens of Japan, for their loss of loved ones, their homes, businesses and economy. Just watching the videos looks like something out a horror movie, not anything that could be a reality yet it is. And I hurt and I pray for them.

2. Second how impressed I am with the way they are handling such a difficult crisis...  with such HONOR.
NO looting of stores, homes. No extreme violence against those who have been devastated and who are helpless. No rapes of women who are without protection. No thinking of just ones wants and putting the good of the community at risk. They are such a beautiful example of how to come together and make the best of a horrible situation.

3. The government has not had to come in and take over with force any of their rights. They are not being treated like cattle as they are moved from one place to another.. At least if they are it is not yet being reported.

4. How would I handle this if it were me? 
My family? My community? How prepared am I? 
How prepared are my dear extended family and friends?

Now I grant you that if a wave of water drug away my home my preparedness might not matter, but what if my home was spared? Could I take care of my family on my own, no outside help? My extended family? My friends and neighbors? I would like to think that I have a better start then many but it makes me want to work harder.I don't want to be a burden to my community, my church and for sure not my friends or extended family. I want to be able to reach out at such a horrible time and offer my love and support. BUT how can I do that if I am not prepared?  
How can I be that light in the darkness to lead others  if I have no oil to burn? 

 So with that being said I have a survey I have been putting together that I would like to challenge each of you to take. Please look it over... please I promise it won't take all night and it might just get you started on something that could very well save your life someday if not the lives of your children...  
(now is that a dramatic plea or what? 
but seriously it might be us instead of Japan someday!)

 For just a week imagine NO STORES, no Wally Worlds, no Target, No Kroger, No Q-shops.
How ready are you??? 
Take it to two weeks, a month.
How long can you keep your family going right now on what you have?
No one will see your answers so you don't need to cheat! Answer Honestly!
  Ok  go grab your pen and paper 

(1) Are you debt-free? Y N

(If "yes", skip to section "Food Storage".)
And Congratulations!!! You so rock! And please share you stories and secrets of success.. Really I want to know!

(2) Please complete questions indicating what type of debt you have;

a) home mortgage Y N
b) car Y N
c) credit card Y N
d) recreational vehicle(s) Y N
e) other Y N
(3) Approximately, what is the total monetary amount of debt you currently carry? ________ be honest only you are going to see your answers! ;)
(4) Are you actively following a plan to become debt-free? Y N if not maybe it is time to find one. Here is a great place to start. Dave Ramsey Baby Steps
(5) Estimate how many years/months before you become debt-free._____ Mortgage Calculator

Food Storage
(6) Do you have a functioning home food storage program? Y N
(7) How many gallons of water do you have stored (not including water heater, toilet tanks)? _______
How long do you think any of your family can survive without clean water?
(8) How many pounds of grain and/or legumes do you have stored (rice, wheat, etc)? ______
(9) Are you using your storage items on at least a weekly basis? Y N
(10) How many rotating food supplies?
a) cans (soup, vegetables, etc.)________
b) powdered milk _____________
c) other (list item & amount) _____________
d) other (list item & amount) _____________
e) other (list item & amount) _____________
f) other (list item & amount) _____________
g) other (list item & amount) _____________
(1 l)Estimate how many months your family could survive on your overall food storage if you had to: __________
Here is a great link to figure out how much you need for your family Food Storage Calculator

Fuel Storage
Please answer the following as if electricity/natural gas service is disrupted:
(12) Do you have an alternative heating source (wood burning stove, propane, etc.) Y N
(13) Estimate how many days of fuel for such heating you have stored: _____
(14) Estimate how many hours lighting you have stored (candles, lanterns, generator, etc.): _______
(15) Do you own an alternate cooking device? Y N
(16) Do you own dutch oven/outdoor cookware? Y N Do you know how to use a Dutch oven or outdoor cookware if you have it? Y N
Medical Supplies
(17) Do you have a family first aid kit? Y N Where is it?______ Do you have one in each car? Y N
Personal Hygiene
(18) Do you have a chemical toilet? Y N
(19) How many pounds of soap/detergent do you have stored? ________
(Do you have water to clean your clothing , body, and surroundings?) Y N
(20) How many bars of hand/bath soap do you have stored? ___________
(21) How many boxes of Kleenex tissues do you have stored? _________
(22) How many rolls of toilet paper do you have stored? __________
(23) How many rolls of paper towels do you have stored? _________
(24) How many packages of baby wipes do you have stored?_________
(25) How many packages of female necessities do you have stored?_________
(And do you have a  sanitary  way to depose of them?) Y N

Alternative Dwelling
(26 ) Do you have an alternative dwelling if house became unlivable? (tent, camper, trailer, etc.)? Y N
(27) Do you have a 72-hour kit for each family member? Y N Is it up to date and ready to go with things that will fit? You can use? You can eat? Water to drink?
(28) Do have a 72 hour kit for your car? Y N

Well I could go on and on but I don't want to bore you, and I don't want to scare you. I want to help you think of those things that often go to the wayside until it is to late. I hope you find this helpful and it gets you to taking those baby steps to preparedness.
And if you could give me some feed back I am thinking about teaching some classes on this so I would love to know what you think!

Here is a link to a friend of mine on food storage as well... Hope you check her out Nonna


  1. Awesome post Rachel ! So many good points that I totally agree with and this survey is great... Thank you !


  2. OMG. I need a bigger house. I have a lot of stuff to buy!

    I am no where near ready for a disater to hit me. This has stressed me out but thanks for posting it! We need to see it!

  3. Thank you. This pins it down to what needs to be worked on. I appreciated reading this.

  4. That really makes you think! Great post - my heart just breaks for those people!


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