Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maybe He Isn't All Grown Up After All

3 am and the phone rings. 
First thought, "Who the heck would be calling at this time of night?" Second thought "If someone is calling then something important is happening!" It was my Favorite Boy and he sounded awful! Being that he is at college now it is hard for me to know what is going on with him anymore unless he calls, or FB or comes home for the weekend. But he has done none of these and has been sick since Thursday! Since Thursday are you kidding ME!!!

So he tells me that he is throwing up blood. Has been coughing up blood! His ribs hurt so bad he can barely move and he isn't sleeping at all. So quick call to his dad because he can get there quicker then I can. Hospital is one mile away. After all the meds and test. He just has a bad virus and a terrible cold and needed strong meds to get it gone. And LOTS of rest!  

I guess no matter how "adult" they think they are they still need MOM (and dad) at 3 am!


  1. Oh goodness... Glad he is ok.

  2. Oh my! Is he home with you for plenty of rest? I know what you mean, My son is now 21 and still needs Mom and Dad at times, It makes me happy to know that even as strong and mature as they appear to be, they know they can always count on us to be there for them. Hope your son gets better soon.

  3. A bad cold will cause you to cough up blood? Are you sure? I would be a crazy mess right now, it's no wonder you need a nap!

    I hope he's better soon!

  4. I'm glad he's OK..........but yes he called his Mom!
    Mom's and sons!!

  5. Bless his heart! I sure hope he feels better soon. It's sure nice to be needed, but it sucks for him to be sick.

  6. Oh, how scary...glad he was seen by a DR. and is o.k. A good Mom always takes calls at 3 am...*wink*

  7. Oh, no! I hope he is feeling better soon. That must have been crazy. Kids need their mom even when they're not "kids" anymore. I still need my mom sometimes!


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