Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Must Have Something To Do With The Name

So when you awake to the gentle sound your Mr's sweet voice at 5:45 am you know it is going to be a wonderful day but when you wake up to your Mr's voice bellowing calling out "Rachel you need to get down here NOW!"
in panic, anger, frustration you know it is going to be altogether different day!
I hurry down to the basement dreading what I know I am going to find... oh my I was right!  My upright freezer was somehow not shut by the last person who got something out. I think the culprit was after the ice cream again! But we will never know. The problem....
I just purchased half a beef
which = $1000.00 dollars
450 lbs of beef 
at the end of  February!

SO now I have two choices because all the meat is way past the point of refreezing(as the floor is now covered in blood)  Yep I could sit down say "why me?" and have a really good cry OR I could suck it up laugh at the craziness of my life and get to work! .

Sorry Stephanie our well deserved craft day is going to have to wait another week!

So I wake the girls, my brother and we start pulling out the ice chest from the garage, I call the girls in for school as NO ONE is going anywhere! They had already done this to me once last year but that time it was just a quarter of beef and we had already used a lot of it up. BUT  I did all the work. This time though we are in this  together!  

This is one lesson my family is never going to forget again!
Make a list for the Mr. and off to the store he goes.
We start bringing up the meat,
 and more meat....
 and more meat
dust off  pull out my new pressure cooker and the marathon begins!!! Today fears will be conquered!( Have I mentioned the thought of using a pressure cooker scares me to death!) It was a present from my Mr. One of those "Gee honey you shouldn't have kind of presents! " No really honey you shouldn't have!
  Glad he did though!

Aren't I scary at 6 in the morning! So glad God created makeup!!!

Made a frantic call to my Mother-in-Law, isn't she lovely?
 She is the pressure cooker Queen

started the girls on cooking the meat while I got on FB and asked all my friends for crock pots. By 8 am I had seven crock pots going (thank you Vicky!)  a roaster, the stove, the Georg Foreman and

my Excalibur dehydrator. I had large bags of veggies too!

 We used the bathtub to warm up all the jars and lids.

By 10 two of my helpers had about all they could take and found the couch...
even the dogs were getting worn out!

Then around noon two of my angels (friends) just showed up to help.
 Thank you Stephanine and Debbie you are the BEST!!!
 They said they didn't call because they knew "I would say I was fine and wouldn't let them come".
Which is so true. I am horrible about asking for help!( I hate to inconvenience anyone and would just rather do it myself.) They also brought their daughters to help. I am so glad I have a huge kitchen! So we were all chopping, cooking, stuffing and canning. They all stayed till 4. All that extra help was a godsend.  My Mother-in-law had to finally go by 6 (which I have to admit by that time I was ready to go myself) But thanks to her guiding hand and instructions I am no longer afraid of a pressure canner!
Pressure Cooker vs Rachel Murphy
And Rachel takes it by a landslide! The crowd goes wild!!

 While we cook they cleaned!

I can't have my basement looking like I went all psycho on someone..the bug man is coming and I don't  want him to fear for his life!Old house basements are scary enough without the floor being covered in blood!

My Mr. who "had to escape go to work around 11" at least got out of the dog house by bringing home pizza home for dinner. Smart MAN!   I had pineapple pizza. I was so sick of meat I wasn't about to eat our normal "cowboy"  
a meat lovers with mushrooms and olives. 

Well all the family conked out on me around midnight. So I worked through the night. Finally woke Mr. up at 8am and let him take over for some much needed rest. And finally here is the end product.

Good thing I wrote my confession the night before or I would have missed out on that again as well. So it was a long process almost 31 hours straight of canning. I was scared to death of a pressure canner but not no more! I am pro

My girls still complain that their rooms smell like roast and greenbeans.  And the Rebel has sworn she is going vegetarian!!!.  But hey at least the girls have become pro's at cooking hamburger now.

 We only lost the filet mignon (they thawed first) Boo Hoo ( they are so good) and 4 quarts of meat didn't seal. So all in all it was a success. It did get me to thinking though... Why does this kind of stuff ALWAYS happen to me???

It must have something to do with the name...
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".

My Mr. just had to be a MURPHY! I really hate that stupid law! But I sure love the MAN! I guess you take the good with the bad! And hey if you ever need to know how to use a pressure canner I am your gal! Just ask



  1. Oh my goodness! What fantastic friends and family you have to help you out like that, I'd have just flapped around like a headless chicken not knowing what to do!

  2. YOU my friend are a pioneer woman...i am seriously impressed. i would have cried and then whined and then cried some more.

  3. Holy cow and I thought it was bad when I lost 10 packages of bacon when someone didn't close the freezer. You truly are amazing.

  4. hiya i am stopping by from debbies newbie party maybe you might stop by mine and have a peek ? just have to say wow about your marathon beef cooking and jarring session !!! well done you maybe you will post some of your recepies here to show us mere mortals what you created x

  5. Wow, I have been hard pressed to come up with a way to save all that meat. those jars look awesome--and hey half the cooking has been done already and making dinner will be easier now--right? Or maybe not.

  6. Oh my goodness...what a time you have had! Your post took me on a roller coaster of emotions. At first, I felt just sick about the potential loss of all your food. Then I was so happy for you that you have such amazing family and friends to help you out. I am so glad everything turned out okay in the end. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today.

  7. Oh NO!! What a story!! ugh. that would happen to me too, I just have that luck!!
    I'm here from Debbie's party, and I'm also your newest follower!

  8. That is an unbelievable story. I tell you, never a dull moment here! Thanks for joining my newbie party. Please add my link or button...thanks:)

  9. Honestly, I think I would have thrown everything away not knowing that all that you did could have been done! Does that sound Dr. Suessish?

    The bright side is you will not be cooking for quite some time now...

  10. OH! MY! GRACIOUS!! That was a wild ride! Bless your heart! It's soooo goooood to have people to help when you're in a crisis! I didn't even realize you could "can" meat. Hubby planted a garden so I'll be getting really familiar with how to use a pressure cooker myself. Kinda scary. I'm so impressed by you! You sure are good in a crisis.

  11. OMGosh Rachel...I bow in awe to your greatness !!! And the loving family and fab friends you had to pitch in and help get such a big job done. Terrible happening but standing ovation to you all !

    We had a breaker switch go off in the garage where we have a freezer with a whole deer frozen and bagged up along with a bunch of other foods. My Hubs would have freaked if we lost it but luckily our son went out to do his laundry and noticed the breaker was off...everything still was pretty frozen and safe. Now I'm paranoid about checking every day !

  12. Wow! I also am awed by your greatness. I think I would have curled up in the corner and cried.

    How amazing that your were able to get so much done. I hate asking for help too, but what great friends and mother-in-law you have!

    I have never used a pressure cooker myself. Maybe you should write a how-to book.

  13. What a beautiful Mess! Thanks for stopping by my blog via Debbiedoos!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog thru Debbiedoos. Hope there is now a "SHUT THE DOOR PROPERLY" sign on the freezer ;)

  15. WOW, I think I would have thrown up my hands in despair. I used to can all the time & even used a pressure cooker for corn a few times, but it always scared me. I haven't done any canning in years, but freeze a few things -- mainly from COSTCO! LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a follower of yours, so maybe you'll follow back if you aren't already.

  16. Yes, it must be the name! So sorry this happened. I wouldn't know what to do except to throw it all away, and cleaning it? I wouldn't know where to begin. Looks like you did an awesome job!

  17. -O-MY-WORD!!!! I CAN'T believe you did ALL that canning!!!! YOU DESERVE the home-maker of the DECADE award!!! Really!!! I love to can, but the thought of all that meat! We grow our own steers, so I know how horrible it would be to discover that, and I KNOW my husband would be so livid, too! But honestly, I don't know if I'd have it in my to can all that! You are TRULY impressive!!! I bet nobody will EVER EVER EVER forget to close that freezer again....oooo, they sure better not! :S It sure looks good all lined up like that though; and it is nice when you want a meal and it's all cooked up for you in the jar.
    After all that, I think I'D have gone out and gotten my belly button pierced. :)


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