Friday, March 18, 2011

I Confess....

 It's that Time again.. so come and play along,

I confess... that it has been 4 weeks since my last confession... yes it is true I stopped blogging for almost 4 weeks!
I was in a funk and forgot about how wonderful all my bloggy friends are and how much my bloggy world means to me.. BUT I am back!

I confess.... it just makes my day when I see someone is following me on their blog. (I admit I like blog stalkers).  
My post.. they are wanting to read my post just like I love reading theirs and it makes me want to jump up and sing, "YES they like me they really LIKE ME!!!"

I confess... that St. Paddy's day is one the best days ever this year because my wonderful cousins found me... it has been almost 33 years since we last spoke or saw each other and now we are in contact again and it makes me feel so blessed!

I confess.. that I think my laying hen is getting tired of me bugging her! She has 13 more days before nature says my chicks should be here but I keep checking just in case she or nature is wrong. 
I feel like a mother in waiting! 
But I swear she is giving me a look like "If I were big enough to kick you a$$ I swear I would!"  I didn't know chickens could look at you like that!!! Maybe I should just check on her once a day.

I confess... that my brother is taking FOREVER on my kitchen mural and I think he might be feeling the same way the above mentioned chicken feels...  but at least he just smiles and says not yet.. He only likes to work on it when he is in the mood.. and me bugging him isn't getting either of anywhere.. You would think I could take a hint!

I confess... I am the WORST at taking hints!

I confess... I have felt like a stalker lately of poor Shawn, poor girl just wants to add a tattoo and exercise but since I have decided to live dangerously and healthy through her she is probably thinking the same way my chicken and brother are! MAYBE I need some help! (Please forgive me Shawn!) If you haven't checked out her blog your missing out.. she is so funny! Love her so check out her blog and you too  can live dangerously through her to if you're a wuss like me!

I confess... that when I grow up and get my bloggy big shoes I want to be like one of the cool kids... Like I.A. you can check her out too.. she is so funny and you never know what she is going to share! The best ever and then of course their is the amazing creators of confession Glamazon  and Mamarazzi just to name a few!  So come on and play with us.. Tell us what is just weighing on your mind.. we promise not to tell  no matter how juicy the secret is.....ok how about we promise to laugh along with you and not at you! That's one I can keep!


  1. You are too funny, and your post are soooo interesting.

  2. Yes, I always love reading your posts. happy Friday!

  3. yup, love blog followers too, and comments, they make my day.

    As for your chicken, dont trust a chicken, they can peck our eyes out......just kidding she wouldnt do that....would she

    Just so you know, I HATE CHICKENS!! They scare the *&^% out of me. I would rather feed the bulls than go in the chicken house

    Thanks for sharing

  4. I love, love, love getting comments. It makes my little heart happy every time I check and see a new comment.
    Chickens are totally capable of giving the stink eye.

  5. This guy at my husbands work was saying he's gonna get chicks so his wife can take pictures with kids...she's into first I thought..what is she going to do after she's done taking pictures?? Surely she isn't going to keep a bunch of chicks!! How sad for them! But then I got to cute of a picture would that now I want chicks to take pictures with my kids...LOL

    Anyways...great confessions! Have a great weekend

  6. Yep, IA (IRL friend), Shawn, and Mama are awesome! I LOVE them all. Everybody is totally missing out if they're not following them. Totally.

    I'm intrigued by your chicken in must let us know when the baby chicks are here! Also, give us moment by moment details if she decides to kick your azz.

    I don't like to talk about Shawn and her getting healthy. We're all meeting up in Austin in 64 days and there is NO way in hellz I'm gonna be swimsuit ready.

    I'm SO glad you back to FCs! We were missing your face!

    Have a great weekend!! *muah*

  7. Hope those chickens hatch soon!!! :)

  8. Its hard not to love getting comments!!

  9. Shawn and IA are two of my bloggy besties, love those girls.

    i think Shawn likes stalkers, she is a freak like that.

    love your confessional...thanks for the shout out. i can't wait to see your kitchen mural and pics of those little chicks!!

  10. Love your confessional. It's great to reconnect with family. A gate of warm fuzzy and memories are opened. Woo Hoo!

  11. You are sooo funny! I'm a little scared of chickens. Watch out. They peck when they get mad.

  12. I would be pestering the chicken too. hahaha. And I totally love getting comments and followers. :D Hope that mural gets done soon for ya.


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