Tuesday, March 22, 2011

But I Promised

So my lovely little Rebel caught me in a moment of weakness last Sept when she asked for her birthday present. She only wanted ONE THING!

Pleasseee MOM!

So what do you do when your almost straight A, never breaks curfew, always does her chores and then some ask for a belly button ring? Well I will tell you what I did I said alright (it was a moment of weakness and she made me promise) Now I have to admit I tried every way out of it I could.
I put it off for 5 months. 
Told her as many horror stories as I could come up.
Showed her pictures of things going wrong 
AND when none of that worked I finally gave in! 

So off to the electric chair we go... Seriously that is the name of the place...
I felt I had entered the twilight zone as we walked in. But it was very clean and they were very serious about checking my ID and having the proper documentation notarized before proceeding. I will admit that when I walked in I wanted to grab her and run like a mad woman head out the nearest exit... BUT
When my Rebel is settled on something she doesn't let go.. she is like a dog with a bone! She is even more stubborn then her momma and that is really saying something!

 So to the private room we proceeded and I have to admit it was VERY clean as well. Trust me I was looking for any reason to leave, but even the floors looked clean enough to eat off of. (DARN IT!)

 Ok so here she is getting the area sanitized. 
She looked so hard like she was trying not to be scared.
I told here we could STILL leave! But no go, Rotten KID!

 Back into the chair she goes!

Doesn't she look like she is in soooooo much pain! 
I about passed out here! I am such a WUSS
Holding big Bro's hand and squeezing.

My poor silly girl! 
It went fast. Actually I was surprised how fast it all happened but  
I WILL NEVER do anything like that to myself.
I think I am happy to be a WUSS. I love being a wuss!
I will wear my WUSS badge with pride if I don't ever have to watch that again!

So it is done. I didn't faint. 
Almost but not quite. 
She is smiling from ear to ear and I am sure her Father is ready to kill us both!!!
(But we told him back in Nov. He just won't remember) 
But I did promise and a promise is a promise.
It's all over and you can't even really see it But look at the smile on that girls face!

May not have been the smartest thing I have ever promised. But  I am picking my battles and I guess I figure it is better then what she could WANT or DO! She "promised" me that this was all she would ask for anyway and my Rebel is big on the promise whether or not she making it or hearing it. You break a promise and you are DIRT to her. She is as loyal as they come. And I am proud to say I  taught her that even when it is hard!


  1. I love Ari. :) Good for you, Rach, for keeping your promise. It's hard sometimes.

  2. It is hard sometimes for sure. Before one of our sons turned 18, he wanted a tattoo and we said NO. As soon as he was 18, he got one, his name put on him. I said I wished he hadn't marred his body with art and hoped that was the end of it, ending the conversation by saying, "Don't get any ugly skull and crossbones ones"...guess what his next tat was ? I cried when I saw it !

  3. Wow! That's a tough one. I can't tell you how many times I wish I could have taken back my word on things. Ugh! It's especially hard with kids who do everything right, huh?

  4. It sounds like keeping the promise was the right and smart thing to do.

  5. Ugh, that would be hard, but a promise is a promise. My son wanted a tattoo when he was 17 and I kept telling him no because I made that body from scratch and it would break my heart if he did something to it that was permanent. He still from time to time ( he is now 21) will say he is thinking about a tattoo, and I just remind him one time, to please not do anything to that body I made from scratch for 9 whole months! :)

  6. OUCH! My mom took me once when I was 17 or 18. I was going to do it.

    But the place was closed. I took that as a sign from GOD that I shouldn't get it done.

    And I never did.

  7. I made a similar promise and about lost it when that needle went through my daughter nose. I have to admit I think its super cute! The things we Moms do for our girls.

    AND how sweet its it that big brother sat there holding her hand?!!?

  8. Rachel,

    As a mother I understand. Hey it's a kid thing and it's so much better than a nose ring. I'm just saying. Enjoy your children.

    I'm a new follower

  9. Keeping your word is important in general, I'm sure it's 100x more important for a mom keeping it with her daughter.

    She's brave! I'm a giant wuss too, I can't even bring myself to get a tiny tattoo on my foot!

    I hope it's healing well!

  10. OUCH OUCH OUCH!! I'm all for getting tattoos (LOL), but I've never been a one for piercing. My ears were enough. However, the thought of a teeny tiny nose ring has crossed my mind.

  11. If I were a skinny girl, and I were still young, I might get one. I'm neither of those now! My step daughter got hers done when she turned 18 (so she didn't need our permission). What were we gonna say anyway? Her mom has one! Besides, at 18, I guess that's when it's legal to do without a parent. Hers got infected, but she didn't take it out. She treated it and treated in until finally the infection went away. Now the other step daughter is 18. She hasn't done it yet. Maybe she will, maybe she won't. Right now, my 14 year old wants a blue streak in her hair. I just don't know!

    As for me, no tats, no piercing (other than my ears).

  12. She's brave! I sure wouldn't be able to do that. Cute girl!

    Visiting from Debbie's party and now following you.

    Have a great day.


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