Monday, March 14, 2011

3 Birthdays, 2 Tatto's and a Brother with His Dog

Hello! I am back... did any of ya miss me? lol

Does anyone else ever just hit that brick wall and it just kind of knocks the wind out of ya?

 Not sure what happened but all of a sudden there I was lying on my back with all the air gone and not sure what hit me. I guess lately I have had a lot going on and just forgot about how my blog world is my wonderful escape.

So my Mr. is now another year older and the poor guy keeps forgetting things. Not sure what is going on with that because he NEVER was one to forget where he puts something. He is very um... anal  organized. So this is starting to make us both worry. And if he was years older then me we would worry a little less but he is only 2 months and one day older! So not sure what to do.. Any suggestions for us??   I will share them all with him.. not sure he will remember them but we can try.  :)

My Drama Queen is now 17! Let the tears fall... When the heck did we give them permission to grow so fast?  She is no longer my little girl but becoming a woman. She really has changed so much in last few years and now when I look at her I just see who she wants to be. A future mom(she is going to be a great one) and wife. and so soon a college student.The thoughts just make my heart break... soon I will have to let her go and I am not sure I can.She is trying to help me ease into though.. this summer she wants to go on a mission to New Orleans for 2 weeks. I am trying to not bawl like a baby be strong and support her but it is so hard!

My Super Star is now 14.  I  feel like I still have lots of time to try not screw up spend with her. Though she is now talking about driving. Really??? Driving! Why do they want to grow up so quickly? She is so ready to take on the world and high school. She is our social butterfly. She had not one but two birthday parties. One by us and then one of her friends threw her another one. That means 2  food fights! I will have to post the pics later for that one. But I will tell you my poor kitchen was covered in cake! Fridge, stove, floor and about 15 teens. Great pictures! But what a mess... Leave it to her to not eat the cake! LOL

Now the tattoo's my son... the college boy.. the one who is now 19 and thinks he is adult enough to do whatever it is that he wants... yeah that one! Got not one but two tattoo's! Thanks Uncle Johnny!

I do have to admit they are pretty. He designed both his sisters names and a drawing and had each put on a wrist. It is very sweet how much he loves those girls but really what is his future wife going to think??? I am sure she is going to want her name somewhere too! Then if he has girls??? His poor body is going to be covered in girls names!!!

(Ok so the picture below shows how I was feeling about the whole thing!!!)
"He knew what he was doing and he was old enough to do it."  At least it isn't all over his body.. and the great part for me.. his 30 minute to 1 hour tattoo's took almost 5 hours. Ok so the fact that it hurt him a little brought me pleasure.. sue me!  A mother has to have some joy at her son marring his body and not being able to stop it! Ok so the picture below shows how I was feeling about the whole thing!!!

And finally a Brother with his dog... Yep there is another dog living at my house now. 

Grand total now 4 house dogs!!!
But I love my brother and he needs a place to stay while he gets back on his feet (thank you hard economy) and I am that soft place to fall. That has always kind of been my role as oldest. Caretaker... it is nice to have him around to help me with my projects...and his girl is sweet but I swear if one more dog moves in I am moving out!
Well I guess that has caught you up on the last 3 weeks. I have missed you my bloggy friends and I promise I will try not to hide for so long again.


  1. Happy birthday times 2! It's so hard to watch them grow up before your eyes!

    I have a tattoo and want another but I will not allow my daughter to have one until she is "financially stable". Hopefully that will get us throw the next 6-8 years when she graduates college. I just know she will change her mind and will not want the same ting when she's 30 as she does now and since they're permanent....

    Welcome to the land of 4 dogs, it's a cray and FUN place to be!

  2. I missed ya! Happy Birthday to your baby girls. It's so sad how fast they grow up, isn't it?

    Kids and their tattoos, right? Oh my goodness! How SWEET that he loves his sister that much to go through the pain. YIKES! I'm too much of a baby to deal with the needles!

  3. My nephew is 17 and ALL of his friends have tattoos. That means their parents took them.
    I personally don't get it.
    I never wanted one......a few of my friends got them in the day and now the ones that showed they have all had removed!
    My nephew really isn't interested in! ha

    Rachel you do have a wonderful, good looking family!! Lucky lucky you!
    Dogs and all !! ha ha

  4. Happy Birthday all around. How sweet of your son to tattoo his sisters that is what I call bonded for life.

  5. I am soooo glad you are blogging again! We missed you!

    What a nice sister to help your brother out! I hope he gets back on his feet soon.


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