Thursday, February 3, 2011

What To Do When Your Favorite Lavender Candle Becomes Your Enemy

You know when you notice a cord sticking out from the wall attached to your favorite bedroom candle warmer with your favorite candle and you think to yourself that is a disaster waiting to happen....

Step 1. Listen the warning voice and move said candle warmer to another location

But just in case you are like me and talk yourself out of what can happen...when candle warmer coming crashing down with said candle in it while making bed and comforter that has never caused said candle to fall just happens to this time on your bedroom carpet... Breathe and continue to Step 2

Step 2.  Don't cry, don't run (you don't need to add any more damage to the situation) just go and get some ice cubes, knife, paper sacks (next time they ask paper or plastic ask for some paper) paper towels , rubbing alcohol, and spray bottle with water.

Step 3. Use ice cube to harden said offending candle and knife to scrape away as much as possible.

Step 4. Cut paper bags up, then set iron on LOWEST setting place paper bags down and start to iron. The wax will adhere itself to paper bags as it dries, keep replacing paper sacks until all the wax is gone.

Step 5. Use rubbing alcohol to remove dye residue from carpet, wipe with clean paper towels until towel no longer comes away with dye.

Step 6. Clean area with spray bottle of water and set nice clean towel down over area to soak up water. Use a fan if you have one to help dry quickly and keep all humans (and dogs) away so you don't get a stain.

Step 7. Listen to still small voice so you can avoid this issue in the future!

Step 8. Breathe again and put all supplies away :)



  1. It's an epidemic! I spilled candle wax on my carpet last week. It was a white one and only a little. I was moving the candle after I blew it out so that it wouldn't spill! D'oh, I sloshed the hot wax on my hand and on the carpet.

  2. I have done this before and not been able to get the wax off. I'm saving this to my favorites...just in case ;)


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