Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Do you love it? Hate it?
I enjoy Valentines Day. I don't like that men seem to feel pressured into showing their affection by having to buy things. But I love thinking up of ways to show my love for those closest to me. I love all the PINK! and I love seeing the smile on my kids faces when I surprise them with something special.

2. What is your favorite romantic comedy?
Notting Hill. " I married my Mr. to that sound track so it has always been a special movie for me.

3. Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp: what’s your first reaction?
Meg enough plastic surgery already! We love you because your funny not because you continue to try to look 20! John some great music.

4. All time favorite poem or quote?
"What you think of me is none of my business" It has helped me to accept myself more and stop worrying about how everyone perceives me.

5. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep? (like consecutive hours).
About 22 hours

6. What color ink do you prefer to use?

7. Share with us a blog that you recently found and fell in love with (and link us!)
Just one really? There are so many that I have become fans of but I guess I will just share 3.
I know you said 1 but I just can't do only 1 :)
So here they are:
The Real Housewives of Oklahoma
Seriously Shawn
Living Prepared

8. If you could be on a reality TV show which one would you choose?
I was interviewed for Wife Swap... they actually wanted to use us but we pulled out at the end.
Money wasn't worth it..

9. Mountains or Beach?
Mountains. And yet I live in Kansas... go figure!

10. With the Oscars around the corner, what’s your pick for best picture?
Have no idea! I guess I should pay more attention put I don't!


  1. Cool! I would have pulled out of wife swap too...who wants to live with me that long? LOL!

  2. Okay, so the whole wife swap thing is worthy of it's own post, don't you think??

  3. how fascinating you were almost on wife swap! i just love that show. If I can ask, what would have been your "thing"? (you know every family seems to have a thing.)

  4. Completely agree about the Meg Ryan plastic surgery comment. I mean, EWWW!!

    Of course I love the RHOK blog--DUH--and I love me some Shawny Shawn Shawn. You should seriously meet us in Dallas in May! I'm thinking that she's super fun! (Except she's at the beach today so I'm hating her right this minute..)

  5. That is so cool that you were interviewed for Wife Swap!!!

  6. How long have I known you now and I didn't know about the Wife Swap thing, either! That show always makes me cringe.


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