Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Saturday Happy List


So lately I have been in a winter FUNK and the best way out of a funk is to walk right through it with a HAPPY LIST. Thank you so much Mamarazzi for helping us remember all the things that make us happy!

Ok the first thing in my happy list is my family. 
Honestly they bring me more joy then anything. 
They make every day a day worth getting up for.. 
I mean just look at those beautiful faces :)

Not the best picture of us. Were a goofy bunch but you know what?
I love us! 
Everything about "us"
this is what this  Holiday is all about.... 
these are my true loves and they make me SOOOO happy!

Chocolate... I love chocolate! I mean who doesn't it???
Chocolate makes me so happy... 
I mean look at it and all it delicious goodness
 Doesn't that just make your heart sing with happiness! YUMMY
Ok this next thing that makes me happy may sound crazy but....
my food storage makes me happy. I love knowing that if something major happens (snow storm, layoff, etc...) my family is going to be ok because we took the time to prepare. It isn't much but we have it started and the peace of mind that brings me is PURE happiness!

And the last thing that makes me happy this week is

Love of family

~ Great Friends ~

 And the love of my 

 I have so much to be happy for! Tell me what makes you happy and play along with Dandelion Wishes


  1. Absolutely perfect Happy List!

    Are your children hugging? Did you have to pay them to do that?

    If not please share your secret!

    Mine fight if they share the same air!

  2. EXCELLENT happy list Rachel! I LOVE the goofy picture of your bunch!It's the way I remember Ari and Lizzie best anyway! Miss them by the way! Tell them I say HI!!

  3. Great list! You have a beautiful family!

  4. I love your list....chocolates....yum, yum! Can I have some? Haha.

  5. Just stumbled on your blog and it's wonderful!


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