Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Almost Appearance on Wife Swap

So on my "Ten for Tuesday" I mentioned that I was interviewed for "Wife Swap"
and many of you asked for that story.

So here goes:

It all started with an email
                                                     "Wife Swap"
was looking for someone who either was competing in the pageant industry  or had in the past few years that had children who were considered "well mannered with values". And she thought of us. WOW!  I was so surprised touched!  I mean I  think  know my kids are  great (yeah they can be " big time pains  headaches" but for the most part they really  are pretty good kids) but for someone else to think so was exciting.

However that should have been my first warning sign!

 So because I am crazy daring and never thought they would choose us anyway,  I sent in the basic application. I mean what could it hurt...


Then with a simple answered phone call came the whirlwind that is "Wife Swap" 
But did I see it?

  Heck NO! 
All I could see  was the  $25,000 for two weeks!!! 
Woot! Woot! 
That will pay for the ALL the kids braces and how hard could this actually be???

I can do two weeks standing on my head if I have to for $25,000!


  phone interviews
video interviews,  
blood test 
(yes that is right)
they had to make sure we are healthy

We had to give full access to our health records are doctors information, sign contracts saying we wouldn't sue...

For two days there was a whirlwind of faxes, phone calls, legal documents to sign and get notarized. They wanted to start shooting at the end of the week. We went through one assistant after another answering the same questions.

Each phone interview took about an hour. The children's interviews were mostly about me.  How do I keep our home?  What my closets look like? Do I make them do chores? They wanted video's of the kids cleaning (like that was something so out of place) wanted our chore list. Our family schedules and beliefs. Our families rules. Do they have curfews? What kind of grades we expected from our children?

Then came the interview with the directors assistant if we passed this interview we were in( the $25,000 was in the bank!) They wanted to fly down to meet us the following day and bring the camera crew)... BUT that is when things really started to get crazy weird....

If you have ever watched the show.... you should see what is coming next! 

My thoughts on snakes? (actually I like snakes) Ouija boards and did my kids ever touch them? (and no they weren't kidding) Voodo beliefs? (VOODOO BELIEFS!) Rituals? What I thought of those kind of things?  Do we pray? Is that part of our daily lives?

At this point I am starting to put two and two together! And the Mr. is starting to question more and more the sanity to this rather interesting adventure...

  AND ok I will admit it!  Two weeks is starting to look like a life sentence rather scary... 

Did I say I could do this standing on my head??? 

Maybe I am not meant to stand on my head... and what kind of woman are they sending to be with my husband and kids???    My "Mr." HATES snakes....

The taping was also going to start on the first day of the new school year (are you kidding me!?!) 

SO now  this  crazy lady  "wife swap" mother that did not believe in schedules, rules, values, GOD  and possibly would do voodoo rituals in my living room
(I have pets) etc.... 

was going to be the one my children would share their first days of the new school year with and be with for almost

The money was starting to look less and less inviting!
We were going to get the kids braces anyway! I mean realllllly is this the best way to get it done?!?

Free isn't always FREE?!? 

And... And... AND!!!!

So long story short the whirlwind of "Wife Swap"  even though " We were just what they are looking for" and " They could be at our home the following day" came to an uneventful yet memorable time for me and my family.  My kids still joke about it sometimes.

  My advice if they call because you live a certain way.. REMEMBER you are with another family who does, says, believes, and wants all the opposite things you do.... so make sure this is something you can and WANT to handle!


  1. ha! I always tease my family and tell them I should do wife swap because maybe they would appreciate me more! :) your right, they would bring someone in the exact opposite and I HAVE watched that show and let me tell ya, there are some CRAZY people out there!!! no thank you, the money would be nice but not the trauma I would put my famiy through :)

  2. WOW I don't know if I would ever do it! HAHA Money sounds good but hmm can we say weirdo???

  3. That is an interesting story. I could not do it..the money in fact is not worth giving up your life for even two weeks, and exposing your family to a weirdo! KUDOS to you, it really shows your character. XO

  4. I often thought about that, the opposite thing, and there is no way I could have someone in my house even attempting to tell my children there is no God!

    You're much braver than me, I wouldn't even consider filling out the application!

  5. Wow! Way to stand your ground girl! In the grand scheme of things, $25,000 isn't enough money. Now $100,000 would be worth it. (I think) ;)

  6. Crazy! I wondered how they would go about picking people and putting them together. I can't imagine putting kids through that. The show is def. entertaining though!

  7. I'm sorry, I would have done it!! I'm not above scaring my kids half to death in order to appreciate me more. Anyways, it is T.V..... hopefully, they would be safe enough..... and just think how much fun you would of had that ladies crazy voodoo house. LOL!!!!

  8. Sheesh,the hoops alone that you have to jump through would be enough for me to say NO !!! And only $25,000 per family ? They make a ton on each commercial shown during the show...that's why reality shows are a dime a dozen...very CHEAP to produce and the production company pockets the rest !!! You'll never regret you didn't do it !


  9. Oh my gracious!!! I don't blame you. I could DESPERATELY use $25 G's but not enough to let some Quija board slinging, voo-doo doing, non-praying crazy person into my house to influence my babies. No telling what kind of crazy stuff could go on. That's like that crazy lady on Wife Swap who stared at the sun for 3 hours a day. Ummmmm, no thanks nutso lady! Good for you, girl! I would've run screaming from that offer!

  10. I love this story!
    I've always wondered how they found these people!
    I respect your decision.....but........
    I SO WOULD HAVE WATCHED!!! hee heee

  11. Wow - I think you made the right choice. :) Jason would never go for it, and I know I could never leave the girls with someone totally opposite of what I am. CrAzY!

  12. Wow! What a great post. I used to watch Wife Swap back in the beginning, then it seemed to get so bizarre. I don't think $25K is enough! There is no way I could be comfortable being in someone else's house and knowing they were in mine doing God knows what. I would have watched YOU, though! However, I think you made the right decision. But so cool that you were - like - thisclose to actually being on it. I feel like I know a star!

  13. That is CRAZY!! I'm with you...not sure 25 grand is worth all of that?! Wow. I've always thought that I don't know how those people do it. I don't think I could tolerate another husband and kids for two weeks.

  14. I LOVE WIFE SWAP!! I don't think that I am tough enough on our kids to be a good candidate for it! LOVE your red hair by the way! March 17th is my bday!! Rena

  15. Wow! That DOES sound scary!! Never really thought about what it would be like to really swap with someone that different. I think you made the right choice! :) I'm sure your husband thanks you, too. :)
    Good to see you back by the way. I wondered what had become of you! :)


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