Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Moment to Celebrate

Just a little moment of blogger celebration! I just hit 50 followers. So excited. Thank you all my bloggy friends for finding a moment to send me love, follow my crazy life and make each day just a little brighter in my already blessed world. 
Hugs and kisses,


  1. Yay for 50 bloggers.. now 51! So exciting!

  2. Very exciting, congrats!! I celebrate everytime I gain 1 follower!

  3. Congratulations on reaching 50 followers, it's so nice to meet new friends out thee in the blogworld. Have a great day.
    Donna xx

  4. Congratulations!! You deserve it!!! :)

  5. Guess that work make me 51? Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Had to come over and support a fellow Kansas girl!!!


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