Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Joy's of Cooking

After hearing countless times 
"That's what we are having for dinner" 
"But we had that a week ago" 
"But I just ate that at dad's" 
"Oh YUCK, can I have cereal?"

I got well pissed creative after working hard to cook them a home cooked meal and decided I was going to even the score teach my picky lovey daughters some very valuable lessons starting with the JOY of cooking!

So each Monday thru Wednesday my girls have a night in which they are solely responsible for dinner. I still do the clean up, dishes etc... but they do the cooking. The menu, the prep, and the cooking. I am near by to help when they demand ask for it, and gladly give directions guidance when I am asked.

But even the best laid plans don't always work when they are learning how to cook...
Such as tonight.
My Ari was making a beef steak in mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes.
Sounds Yummy!

  Step 1.Out comes the crock
Step 2. In goes the meat with all the spices and soup
Step 3. Put it on the table and all is well... 
Well ALMOST. It is 7:30 pm and the meat is still rare!
"Best laid plans of Mice and MEN"

Mom to the rescue... Hamburger helper it is! But not with my Mr. Murphy. He says, "You have been cleaning all day". (Redid my kitchen cabinets and Pantry...yeah ME!)  Put his coat and boots back on to brave the storm and head to McDonalds for some Bacon Ranch Salads.

(My hero)
 Mr. Murphy and our white SUV

Honestly I think he is starving! He didn't stop for his usual hamburger before dinner which he has been doing secretly while the girls are learning to cook. Now don't get me wrong they are getting a lot better and by the time they move out they will be excellent cooks and know how to make a LOT more then mac and cheese. But with instances like tonight, and Lizzie last week reading the recipe for baked chicken and setting the oven at 150(instead of 350) for an 45 mins.) Makes the hamburger a good idea (maybe I should start joining him)
OH THE JOYS (of someone else) cooking!


  1. If I have to hear Meatloaf again from my boys, are am turning them into chopped liver!
    Always the same...I try to get creative sometimes...sometime a plus...and sometimes hamburger helper to the rescue!

  2. I think we're all in that same boat with you! My 2 youngest are so stinkin' picky it drives me nuts! My youngest and only son won't eat anything but bacon, oatmeal, deer meat and wild turkey meat....oh and chik fil's almost a nightmare...i can't tell you how many parents said "Oh you're Bubba's mom...the Bubba who has bacon in his lunch box!" Seriously this happened at the football field at his first game..a grandma came up and down the bleachers asking who was Bubba's mom...she just had to meet me! ALMOST DIED! Hopefully it'll get better....if not I guess we'll have to raise some hogs :)

  3. i love love love that my daughter is cooking and that she enjoys it. i don't love the mess she makes but the food is actually really good.

  4. I was so tired of the everyday of asking from every family member "what's for dinner"? I now have a chalk/corkboard when you walk in through the garage on the wall so it's the first thing you see,and posted on the chalkboard side is what's for dinner tonight, and on the corkboard side is a print out for dinner every night of the week. That was a life saver for me! :) Love the idea of making the girls cook a meal each night!


  5. I'm just getting ready to make a menu for a couple weeks meals. Looking forward to when my kids will be old enough to cook - I think :)

  6. Thank you for the sweet comment on my organization post! Great idea to share cooking tasks with your daughters! It's teaching them more than they realize, I'm sure!

  7. Oh my gracious! It is soooo funny that he sneaks a burger! HA! What a great idea! I'm slowly teaching my 13 year old to cook a few things here and there, but I don't have enough patience to do it every week. I am with you on the getting ticked with them saying, "Eww, I don't like that. Can I have cereal? Can I eat a sandwich?" UGH! Drives me CRAZY!

  8. OH, this sounds so much like my house!! Andy would definitely be going for a burger or some fried chicken!!! AND, where's the pictures of your redone cabinets! I want to see! Maybe I'll just have to come visit and see them in person! :)

  9. That's a great idea for many reasons! I was never taught to cook growing up, so had to start teaching myself years ago! What a process! Still learning!

    Can't wait until my boys (4&2) can have a night a week ;)


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