Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's That Time Again... Confession Time

I confess... I just got out of my tub turned around and saw an old woman's butt and back staring back at me! Yikes!!!
Where the heck did she come from and how did SHE get into my  mirror???

I confess.. I know think my girls are right when they say if I don't start exercising again I am going to be really pissed upset when Spring gets here... if it gets here! (So done with winter)
Anyone else ready for "Old Man Winter" to pack up and go!

I confess... part of the problem could be that recently I find myself snacking more.. case in point I think I just ate 5 oz of cheese with a sleeve of crackers while watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 on Netflix.
 But I think Lynett is my hero, the scene with the her pulling her boys out the pool with her dress and heels on... Incredible MOM 
in my book anyway!

I confess... I think Netflix is wonderful evil and is here to destroy me (no really it IS)

I confess... that I still really feel stupid about the whole candle thing! I mean really who doesn't listen to the warning bells going off in their heads... just like an alarm and I hit the snooze!!! Maybe someday I will do better.

I confess... Yeah right! Baby steps.. must take baby steps.

I confess... That making Mr. Murphy a huge batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies is bad for both him and I and explains the strange lady I see in the mirror!
that and cheeze
and Netflix
ohh and chips!)

Well come and play along... I want to read your confessions and hear all your dirty little secrets so link up and have a good laugh at my others expense.. After all we are just humans and laughter makes us all feel better!


  1. That very same lady sneaks into my mirror too! How does she get there? Soooo creepy.

    I'm raising my hand to NO MORE WINTER!

    Mmmmm...cookies sound so yummy right 11:40pm. I'm glad I don't have any to eat.

    Great confessions! =)

  2. I'm a snacker,too! Thank goodness there are no mirrors in my bathroom that show anything below my shoulders. Thank heaven for small miracles!!

  3. I think that about myself every time I look into the mirror. I finally realize what my Mom meant when she said enjoy your youth. It's difficult accepting that your body has begun to change so much and will continue....

  4. Raising both hands to no more winter. . . I am an Island girl not use to this -2 degree!

  5. I want a new mirror... one that only shows me from the waist up, cuz I have a grandma butt now too. I know the only solution is to get off of it, but I really don't want to!

  6. hmmm.... I was just thinking the other day if I put a mirror behind my bathroom door, it would be the first thing I see when I get out of the shower and if I didn't like what I saw maybe I would exercise more and snack less. But now I think it isn't such a great idea because I might cry at my grandma looking butt and be so sad I would eat!!!


  7. I try to only look at myself in my "skinny mirror"...a mirror by my front door that for whatever reason takes off about 25 pounds. I'd like to carry it around with me everywhere I go, but it is kinda big and bulky...maybe I'd lose some weight by hauling it around? Could be a win win.

    Winter is making me fat. We've been snowed in more this year than any other year I remember. All I want to do is eat. I know all about that cheese and cracker incident.

    Great confessions!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. OH, and just wanted to say that I love your new layout! It's really cute!

  9. I am ready for no more winter. I want to go running but I dont want to when it is cold! Spring please hurry! I love your honesty!

  10. But cheese is sooooo good! I really like the new blog header.

  11. I have a weakness for Lays Southwest cheese and chiles chips. Oh they are so good, but not so good for my waist line.
    I really think that someone needs to get a hold of Mother Nature and let her know she can dial it back a notch on the whole winter thing.

  12. Haha too cute! I think I'll have to be making changes too so that when winter leaves I won't be like ummm nooo I'm not getting into that suit. We'll see!

  13. You are so funny! I wonder who's butt I keep seeing in my mirrow. ICK! I have entirely too much junk in my trunk and I know that big biscuit with honey I just ain't isn't helping the situation and neither is the sick kid that has kept me from the gym for A WEEK! UGH! Oh, and I love Lynette too! she rocks!

  14. You cracked me up with the old lady butt! I feel the same way!! ;)

    I, too, love Netflix! I watched all they had to offer of Dexter in like less than a week. I <3 that show!! And I <3 Netflix :)

  15. Our huge mirror over our vanities (across the room from the shower) is so overwhelming while showering. At this point I'm hoping my eyes get worse... seems more attainable at this point!

    I don't have a post, but my confession is that since we've all been sick this week everyone has just stayed in their jammies THE WHOLE WEEK (fresh set every night though)... it's helped keep the laundry managable ;)

  16. that same lady that was in your BATHROOM...was in mine. damn.
    she never leaves! ;)
    netflix....awhhhhhhhh..{choir singing}
    and chips and popcorn and sonic drink.
    your so cute btw!

  17. I did a post a while back called. Whose ASs is that and how did it get in my jeans! I totally feel your pain and maybe if I moved more and ate less it wouldn't be so bad. Wheat thins and sharp cheddar cheese are my vice and they're killing me!

  18. Oh I totally ate a whole bunch of cheese and crackers the other day too. Cheese is totally my downfall

  19. Old Man WInter is on my crap list!

    Pass me some chocolate oatmeal cookies! I need one :) seriously!

  20. I think I've seen that lady's butt in my mirror, too! She must get around!

  21. This baby likes oreos. I can't stop eating them!

  22. Love your confessions! I love Netflix but we had to get rid of it cuz I just couldn't afford it anymore. I'm hoping we can sign up again soon.

  23. OMG! I have seen that lady lurking in my mirror too! We have to stop her. :D


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