Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Five Truths and A Lie

My BFF  Shawn at Seriously Shawn
has tagged me to come and play 5 Truths and a Lie or 5 Lies and a Truth so here is the deal you're supposed to figure out which one of the below statements is the lie. You can tell me your guess via comment or email me personally {rockl35@hotmail.com} if you prefer to keep your answer from other readers. The first person to get the correct answer is the winner and will receive a little something special from me in the mail. Always fun to play when you can win something.

There are however rules.

1. If you share the same DNA as me, or are close enough that we would give each other a kidney than you can only comment via email and will only be gifted with the knowledge that I love you and you are right!

2. If you have the correct answer and just put it out there..."# whatever is true"...and someone else goes the extra mile to add more meat to their comment or if they happen to make me laugh than I reserve the right to choose the winner as I see fit.

3. I am using Shawn's rules so if you have an issue take it up with her! Just kidding... I can handle my own. Hope you enjoy and those I tag play along.. Don't forget to tag 5 more to keep the game going and let us know how good/bad you really are! No judging here  :)

I have to tag 5 people to play along. This is a fun tag so I'm encouraging you all to participate, if you do please come by and let me know so I can come check out your "truth or lies"! 
Mrs. Montoya

Thank you Shawn for asking me to play along. This was so much harder then I thought it would be. Can't wait to see the  5 play along and don't forget to pass along the game. Below are my 5 Truths and lie..  
Which is Which?

1. In Dallas at 3 am  under the beautiful stars I walked across fire( 7 ft of hot coals) to help me overcome all my fears and insecurities and to find the courage to be more trusting and brave where I was once weak and scared. It was one of the most challenging and exciting times of my life. And I suffered no injuries but 2 of my friends did.. OUCH!

2. Deciding that my love life needed a little spontaneity and sexy romance (after children) I decided to surprise my hubby at his work lunch hour with a romantic lunch and desert for two.  I hired my sis to watch the kids, but on  a sexy black bra, with matching panties and garter with fishnets stockings and 4 inch heels. Then put on my long  trench coat, loaded my goodies in the car headed to the liquor store where I jumped out of the car slammed the door, while automatically locking it and proceeded to get my trench coat stuck in my now locked car ( keys still inside!). I had to rely on the compassion of two strange men exiting the store, who proceeded to break into my car and free me all the while knowing that because of the way my coat was caught exactly what I was up to.Total EMBARRASSMENT!

3. Being a very shy and insecure teen the "mean girls" at school often would humiliate me and even make me cry with the awful things they would do and say but I got my revenge when I reported them for drinking and smoking weed in the girls restroom one day at lunch period. And the best part is because it was right before Prom they were not only expelled but missed out on prom that year. Best Revenge EVER!

4. The first words my Mr. ever said to me was "Will You Marry Me?" We were both only 15 years old and though we had gone to church together for over 6 months he had never even said "hi" before that. We were both very shy and I thought he hated me. Of course I said "YES!!!!"

5. To help me over come my terrible fear of heights I decided to go rock climbing  one day with my Mr and climbed on the outside of a grain elevator that was 80 Ft. tall. It was the first time I had ever gone rock climbing and stood on the top feeling like I accomplished climbing Mt. Everest and even did a little dance! WOOT! WOOT!

6. One time while hanging out with a girl friend I ended up slapping a Chippendale's dancer across the face for grabbing  my backside while exiting the ladies room. I then  proceeded to chew him out about who he thought he was and what right he thought he had to go grabbing any woman like they were there for his pleasure only. The commotion caused everyone on the dance floor to stop and just look at us. The Chippendale's dancer turned beat red and apologized. SCORE ONE FOR WOMEN!


  1. OK, this is hard!

    #1 This sounds like something I would see on a movie, but it's just so out there that I believe it! Plus, it may be something you did with fellow pageant girls. Truth.

    #2 I have always wanted to do this so I'm going to live through you and say this is true and encourage you to try again! Truth.

    #3 Mean girls suck, I know first hand...Truth.

    #4 Hmmmm, the very first words were "will you marry me"? Not "wanna to go the movies"? Were you doing a skit? Because I do believe in love at such a young age {I married my high school sweetheart} I'll say truth.

    #5 I believe this is partially true...I believe you did everything but dance, when you made it to the top you rejoiced internally but I think you would have been too scared to actually dance. LIE

    #6 Totally believable and again something you did with your pageant friends! Truth.

  2. oh #2. All. The. Way.

    i believe you are sassy and sexy but THAT is insane! lol

  3. Wow...these are super hard! I have re-read them 3 times.

    I'm gonna have to say number 4 is the lie just because it didn't have as much detail as the others. Am I right????

  4. Hmmmmmm. I think I am gonna have to say that #4 is a lie. I only say that because most shy people I know, as yousay your Hubby was, would have a hard time saying those words to someone they had never spoken to before.

    I sure hope #2 is true. I've always wanted to do that, but I don't think it would go over to well at my Hubby's office. Although, the getting your coat stuck in the door wouldn't be the part I would want to repeat. EEK!


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