Monday, February 7, 2011


Come and play with the Real Housewives of Oklahoma and air what are your top pet peeves. What just gets under your skin? Name it and let us know what just gets your goat. You will feel better letting it all out. And we will know what NOT to do around you.

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This Week's Question? Top 5 Pet Peeves
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My Top 5 Pet Peeves
1. I hate (again hate) when I just have all my dishes done and kitchen sink shinning and one of my lovely family members puts a dirty dish in there (2 minutes later) and just walks away. I mean come on you can't take 5 seconds to wash said offending dish so I can have a clean kitchen for just 5 minutes??? Really! 
(Ok I am a little anal about my kitchen sometimes)

2. I hate how parents feel it is fine to share the things that drive them crazy about their kids but then feel guilty when they brag. Are you kidding? Brag people! Be proud these are after all apples from your tree. My kids though they can drive me crazy sometimes are AMAZING! And I will brag about them until my dying day!

3. People who are rude to grocery cashiers, waitresses, etc.. I mean just because you are having a bad day (which we all have) doesn't mean you get to be mean to someone who is just doing a job and may be having a bad day as well. Honestly it makes me want to SLAP YOU!! And I am not a violent person.. But seriously KNOCK IT OFF! Be nice and take your bad attitude home and take a relaxing bath or something!

4. People who can't take off their shoes at the door without being reminded over and over and over again. I know lots of people don't do that but I do. Hence the sign that is very colorful and on the door, the chair you can sit down in to remove the shoes easily, and the basket you can put them in if you want to. Please my homestead area is muddy and I am trying to keep that off my carpet.
My dogs make it hard enough, please give me a break and please don't make me feel guilty about it. 
I am just trying to keep my home clean and nice for my family.

5. People who don't use turn signals. Do you know how many accidents have been caused and even lives lost because people won't use a little switch to let someone know what they are doing as they are traveling at 60 + miles per hour. I promise it won't take you more then a second to keep you and other drivers safe. So please just let us know what way you are going and quit bobbing in out of traffic like you are in a the Daytona 500.

Ok there are  my Pet Peeves and man do I sound like a witch! 
Sorry for that but I do feel better. 
Hope you play along. I can't be the only out there with these can I?


  1. I always think it is weird when people walk in my house and toss their shoes off. I don't want to trip over your shoes or smell your stinky feet.

    BUT I wouldn't mind taking my shoes off at someone's house if they asked me to.

  2. I hate when people don't use turn signals and being waitress a long time ago -I also hate when people are rude to waitresses/ cashiers -etc. Ha -yeah and unfortunately clean doesn't last much around here either ;)

  3. I'm pretty anal about our kitchen too. My husband is enough to worry about. I can't imagine having to deal with cleaning up after kids too.

    Great list!

  4. 1. I LOVE a clean kitchen. It's ok to be anal. I am too.

    2. I literally had a miracle baby. You betta believe I'm gonna brag about her even when she makes me wanna bang my head on the wall.

    3. I am the person that will refuse to go to a restaurant with you if you are rude to the waitress. I mean, come on. Give them a break! A little kindness goes a long way (and she may not spit in your food)

    4. I wish I had this rule. I hate shoes in the house but it's too late. I could NEVER train my husband this late in the game.

    5. I'm a total signal person. PLEASE USE YOUR SIGNAL PEOPLE!!!!

    Great list Rachel! Thank you so much for linking up (and visiting everybody). I was a little late getting to comment today!

  5. I love your list! When we lived in FL had lots of Yankee friends who expected us to take off our shoes yet provided no sign of it anywhere. You are a gracious hostess with your sign, chair & basket!
    You know what they say, how they treat their waitress is how they treat their momma ; )
    Thanks for linking up w/the RHOK today.

  6. I agree with everything you said!

    About the clean kitchen, sometimes I think we should fast so that we don't dirty it up again. I feel the same way about the bathroom...I wish I could put an out of order sign on the door so no one would use it. I love when it's sparkly clean!

    PLEASE use a signal, people! Also, PLEASE turn that signal off when you're finished with it. I get so annoyed at people who will drive 50 miles with their signal on.

    Thanks for linking up today!!

    (aka Mrs. Edwards)

  7. I so agree with you about people being rude to service people, like they are beneath them. Grrr!

    Okay, I'll admit, I do not want to constantly hear about people bragging about their kids. PUKE! As long as there is a balance, I'm okay with it.

    Thanks for linking up with us today on The RHOK.

    ~Mrs. Albright

  8. Oh, and I'm your newest follower! =)

  9. I understand the shoe thing completely. We have mud on the homefront too and i am constanly shaking the rug, sweeping in front of the door and vacuuming. For my sanity please just take your shoes off and pick them up and take them to laundry room Please.

  10. Love you list! I must say bragging is good plus who want to hear how your kids drive you crazy, plus there got to be something nice about that kid that you can't stop telling people.

  11. Your blog is so cute! I love it. And I love that you're getting your own farm animals! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


  12. 3,4 toooooooooo!!~ Thanks for popping over comments always make me smile. Did you join the newbie party, you can still join was not a one time thing:) As long as you are in the criteria you can keep on keeping.

  13. oh girl i am with you on the dishes in the sink...i mean really. ESPECIALLY when tie dishwasher is EMPTY. gimme a break and put your dirty dish there!

    and yes i also agree with you on people who are rude to service people. terrible and embarrassing.

  14. I can't stand when people don't use turn signals either! I mean, why even have them!

  15. I am convinced that most people don't realize turn signals come standard with all cars. They must think they didn't buy the luxury package to get them.

  16. YES:
    1. customer service is key. I'm giving you money at your working place (ie: restaurant, grocery store, etc.), so I think you should at least smile and say hi and bye to me.

    2. Please take your shoes off. Unless, you want to scrub my carpet...let's leave nature outside. LOL.

    3. Turn signals is it really that hard to do ?

    Love your list, I couldn't write it better myself.


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