Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Almost Appearance on Wife Swap

So on my "Ten for Tuesday" I mentioned that I was interviewed for "Wife Swap"
and many of you asked for that story.

So here goes:

It all started with an email
                                                     "Wife Swap"
was looking for someone who either was competing in the pageant industry  or had in the past few years that had children who were considered "well mannered with values". And she thought of us. WOW!  I was so surprised touched!  I mean I  think  know my kids are  great (yeah they can be " big time pains  headaches" but for the most part they really  are pretty good kids) but for someone else to think so was exciting.

However that should have been my first warning sign!

 So because I am crazy daring and never thought they would choose us anyway,  I sent in the basic application. I mean what could it hurt...


Then with a simple answered phone call came the whirlwind that is "Wife Swap" 
But did I see it?

  Heck NO! 
All I could see  was the  $25,000 for two weeks!!! 
Woot! Woot! 
That will pay for the ALL the kids braces and how hard could this actually be???

I can do two weeks standing on my head if I have to for $25,000!


  phone interviews
video interviews,  
blood test 
(yes that is right)
they had to make sure we are healthy

We had to give full access to our health records are doctors information, sign contracts saying we wouldn't sue...

For two days there was a whirlwind of faxes, phone calls, legal documents to sign and get notarized. They wanted to start shooting at the end of the week. We went through one assistant after another answering the same questions.

Each phone interview took about an hour. The children's interviews were mostly about me.  How do I keep our home?  What my closets look like? Do I make them do chores? They wanted video's of the kids cleaning (like that was something so out of place) wanted our chore list. Our family schedules and beliefs. Our families rules. Do they have curfews? What kind of grades we expected from our children?

Then came the interview with the directors assistant if we passed this interview we were in( the $25,000 was in the bank!) They wanted to fly down to meet us the following day and bring the camera crew)... BUT that is when things really started to get crazy weird....

If you have ever watched the show.... you should see what is coming next! 

My thoughts on snakes? (actually I like snakes) Ouija boards and did my kids ever touch them? (and no they weren't kidding) Voodo beliefs? (VOODOO BELIEFS!) Rituals? What I thought of those kind of things?  Do we pray? Is that part of our daily lives?

At this point I am starting to put two and two together! And the Mr. is starting to question more and more the sanity to this rather interesting adventure...

  AND ok I will admit it!  Two weeks is starting to look like a life sentence rather scary... 

Did I say I could do this standing on my head??? 

Maybe I am not meant to stand on my head... and what kind of woman are they sending to be with my husband and kids???    My "Mr." HATES snakes....

The taping was also going to start on the first day of the new school year (are you kidding me!?!) 

SO now  this  crazy lady  "wife swap" mother that did not believe in schedules, rules, values, GOD  and possibly would do voodoo rituals in my living room
(I have pets) etc.... 

was going to be the one my children would share their first days of the new school year with and be with for almost

The money was starting to look less and less inviting!
We were going to get the kids braces anyway! I mean realllllly is this the best way to get it done?!?

Free isn't always FREE?!? 

And... And... AND!!!!

So long story short the whirlwind of "Wife Swap"  even though " We were just what they are looking for" and " They could be at our home the following day" came to an uneventful yet memorable time for me and my family.  My kids still joke about it sometimes.

  My advice if they call because you live a certain way.. REMEMBER you are with another family who does, says, believes, and wants all the opposite things you do.... so make sure this is something you can and WANT to handle!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Do you love it? Hate it?
I enjoy Valentines Day. I don't like that men seem to feel pressured into showing their affection by having to buy things. But I love thinking up of ways to show my love for those closest to me. I love all the PINK! and I love seeing the smile on my kids faces when I surprise them with something special.

2. What is your favorite romantic comedy?
Notting Hill. " I married my Mr. to that sound track so it has always been a special movie for me.

3. Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp: what’s your first reaction?
Meg enough plastic surgery already! We love you because your funny not because you continue to try to look 20! John some great music.

4. All time favorite poem or quote?
"What you think of me is none of my business" It has helped me to accept myself more and stop worrying about how everyone perceives me.

5. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep? (like consecutive hours).
About 22 hours

6. What color ink do you prefer to use?

7. Share with us a blog that you recently found and fell in love with (and link us!)
Just one really? There are so many that I have become fans of but I guess I will just share 3.
I know you said 1 but I just can't do only 1 :)
So here they are:
The Real Housewives of Oklahoma
Seriously Shawn
Living Prepared

8. If you could be on a reality TV show which one would you choose?
I was interviewed for Wife Swap... they actually wanted to use us but we pulled out at the end.
Money wasn't worth it..

9. Mountains or Beach?
Mountains. And yet I live in Kansas... go figure!

10. With the Oscars around the corner, what’s your pick for best picture?
Have no idea! I guess I should pay more attention put I don't!

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Confession Time Once Again

Come and play with Mamarazzi and Glamazon as we have our weekly confession once again. If you don't know what this is your missing out so come and play today...

I confess... That crazy woman you see in her car dancing in her seat like she has ants in her pants and acting like she used to be the dancing queen Abba sings about .... Yeah that's ME! And I am ok with that :) Don't judge.. turn up the radio and dance along...

I confess... the beautiful weather is back and I feel alive again.... it feels so good to feel the sunshine on my face. And I swear if winter even thinks about showing it's ugly head again I may hunt down o'ld Mr. Winter himself and shoot him!  
Bring on the flowers baby!

I confess... that the "homemade" hamburger buns I tried to make last week were a disaster! If anyone needs clay pigeons for shooting I think they will work... just send me your info about $20 for shipping and they are ALL yours...

I confess... that even though I don't want another failure I am going to try it again today... my bread used to be strong enough to build a house but now it is warm and delicious so I guess I will just have to keep trying until I get it right ;) Just hope it is today.. even the chickens don't think it worth eating! OUCH

I confess... with today's beautiful weather I am getting off the computer now and going to go work on my barn.. I would much better be out there getting dirty then inside.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Five Truths and A Lie

My BFF  Shawn at Seriously Shawn
has tagged me to come and play 5 Truths and a Lie or 5 Lies and a Truth so here is the deal you're supposed to figure out which one of the below statements is the lie. You can tell me your guess via comment or email me personally {} if you prefer to keep your answer from other readers. The first person to get the correct answer is the winner and will receive a little something special from me in the mail. Always fun to play when you can win something.

There are however rules.

1. If you share the same DNA as me, or are close enough that we would give each other a kidney than you can only comment via email and will only be gifted with the knowledge that I love you and you are right!

2. If you have the correct answer and just put it out there..."# whatever is true"...and someone else goes the extra mile to add more meat to their comment or if they happen to make me laugh than I reserve the right to choose the winner as I see fit.

3. I am using Shawn's rules so if you have an issue take it up with her! Just kidding... I can handle my own. Hope you enjoy and those I tag play along.. Don't forget to tag 5 more to keep the game going and let us know how good/bad you really are! No judging here  :)

I have to tag 5 people to play along. This is a fun tag so I'm encouraging you all to participate, if you do please come by and let me know so I can come check out your "truth or lies"! 
Mrs. Montoya

Thank you Shawn for asking me to play along. This was so much harder then I thought it would be. Can't wait to see the  5 play along and don't forget to pass along the game. Below are my 5 Truths and lie..  
Which is Which?

1. In Dallas at 3 am  under the beautiful stars I walked across fire( 7 ft of hot coals) to help me overcome all my fears and insecurities and to find the courage to be more trusting and brave where I was once weak and scared. It was one of the most challenging and exciting times of my life. And I suffered no injuries but 2 of my friends did.. OUCH!

2. Deciding that my love life needed a little spontaneity and sexy romance (after children) I decided to surprise my hubby at his work lunch hour with a romantic lunch and desert for two.  I hired my sis to watch the kids, but on  a sexy black bra, with matching panties and garter with fishnets stockings and 4 inch heels. Then put on my long  trench coat, loaded my goodies in the car headed to the liquor store where I jumped out of the car slammed the door, while automatically locking it and proceeded to get my trench coat stuck in my now locked car ( keys still inside!). I had to rely on the compassion of two strange men exiting the store, who proceeded to break into my car and free me all the while knowing that because of the way my coat was caught exactly what I was up to.Total EMBARRASSMENT!

3. Being a very shy and insecure teen the "mean girls" at school often would humiliate me and even make me cry with the awful things they would do and say but I got my revenge when I reported them for drinking and smoking weed in the girls restroom one day at lunch period. And the best part is because it was right before Prom they were not only expelled but missed out on prom that year. Best Revenge EVER!

4. The first words my Mr. ever said to me was "Will You Marry Me?" We were both only 15 years old and though we had gone to church together for over 6 months he had never even said "hi" before that. We were both very shy and I thought he hated me. Of course I said "YES!!!!"

5. To help me over come my terrible fear of heights I decided to go rock climbing  one day with my Mr and climbed on the outside of a grain elevator that was 80 Ft. tall. It was the first time I had ever gone rock climbing and stood on the top feeling like I accomplished climbing Mt. Everest and even did a little dance! WOOT! WOOT!

6. One time while hanging out with a girl friend I ended up slapping a Chippendale's dancer across the face for grabbing  my backside while exiting the ladies room. I then  proceeded to chew him out about who he thought he was and what right he thought he had to go grabbing any woman like they were there for his pleasure only. The commotion caused everyone on the dance floor to stop and just look at us. The Chippendale's dancer turned beat red and apologized. SCORE ONE FOR WOMEN!

My Beautiful Drama Queen Sings

This is my silly girl sitting in one of our showers practicing her guitar. She doesn't think she has a good voice so she tries to hide her talent but her mama is really proud of her for sooooo many reasons.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Saturday Happy List


So lately I have been in a winter FUNK and the best way out of a funk is to walk right through it with a HAPPY LIST. Thank you so much Mamarazzi for helping us remember all the things that make us happy!

Ok the first thing in my happy list is my family. 
Honestly they bring me more joy then anything. 
They make every day a day worth getting up for.. 
I mean just look at those beautiful faces :)

Not the best picture of us. Were a goofy bunch but you know what?
I love us! 
Everything about "us"
this is what this  Holiday is all about.... 
these are my true loves and they make me SOOOO happy!

Chocolate... I love chocolate! I mean who doesn't it???
Chocolate makes me so happy... 
I mean look at it and all it delicious goodness
 Doesn't that just make your heart sing with happiness! YUMMY
Ok this next thing that makes me happy may sound crazy but....
my food storage makes me happy. I love knowing that if something major happens (snow storm, layoff, etc...) my family is going to be ok because we took the time to prepare. It isn't much but we have it started and the peace of mind that brings me is PURE happiness!

And the last thing that makes me happy this week is

Love of family

~ Great Friends ~

 And the love of my 

 I have so much to be happy for! Tell me what makes you happy and play along with Dandelion Wishes

Friday, February 11, 2011


Here it is confession time once again.. Come read and find out that we all have those little things we just have to tell somebody and play along with my friends Glamazon and  Mamarazzi at Friday Confessional   I promise you will feel much better and get a couple of great laughs too... It's nice to know we aren't the only crazy ones out there...

So here I go....

I confess... Seriously I drive my own self crazy when I let little things become big things that don't need to be. I get all crazy and serious and then blow! Then I feel like the worst person in the world because I can't take back that stupid blow. And was it worth it? NOPE not for a second!

I confess.. that I am married to amazing man... one who goes out into the horrible snow every day so I can stay home and get bored out of mind (for now)

I confess... that if we have one more snow day I think I am going to go insane. Like really lose my mind insane. Enough... you're white, cold, slippery and you're going to cause me to go crazy!

I confess... that I think it's to late, I am going stir crazy... I need some projects so I don't end up plucking all of my eyebrows out due to boredom.But if you're going to pluck you need to get these because they are best! And they are pink!!!

I confess... that this confession really sucks. I seem to be in a winter funk.. I know enough complaining about the weather....
I am trying really I am!

I confess... ok maybe I just lied... I am not trying to quit complaining about the winter weather because I am in a whining mood, and right now that is what I want to whine about! Even though it makes me seem like a big baby (and I hate big babies!)

Well come play along with me so I have more reasons to laugh...(cause this weather is doing me in). Just click on the button and if you did something to Mother Nature.... Please write her a letter already and apologize so we can get to Spring! My eyebrows will appreciate it ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best Giveaway EVER

Remodelaholic is Helping host a Giveway from Shabby Apple

Cutest dresses ever! 
 I love the 1943 Collection.

 Just look at some of the shoes!

Check them out at Shabby Apple

I would be happy with gift cards (dear family) for any special holiday! *wink wink*

Which is your favorite??

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food Storage on $5.00 a week

With all this wonderful (insert sarcasm here) SNOW and cold winter weather we are getting lately I thought I would share some info that might help you start to build your food storage

.The great thing about food storage is that it takes the stress out of an already stressful situation.
Baby Steps is where you want to start so it doesn't become so overwhelming. 
So here is a baby step that I hope you will find easy to make so that you can have food storage as well.

 Wanting to build your Food Storage BUT you think it just cost too MUCH? IF you can spare $5.00 per week you will have this by the end of the year.
You will end up with:
500 pounds of wheat
180 pounds of sugar
40 pounds of powdered milk
12 pounds of salt
10 pounds of honey
5 pounds of peanut butter
45 cans of tomato soup
15 cans of cream of mushroom soup
15 cans of cream of chicken soup
20 lbs. sugar
24 cans of tuna
21 boxes of macaroni and cheese
500 aspirin
1000 multi-vitamins
 6 pounds of yeast
 6 pounds of shortening
 12 pounds of macaroni

Some weeks you will have leftover change. Save the change
each week in a kitty to be used for the weeks you may exceed $5.00 (for example, as when purchasing wheat or milk)

Week 1 : 6 lbs. salt
Week 2 : 5 cans of chicken soup
Week 3 : 20 lbs. of sugar
Week 4 : 8 cans tomato soup
Week 5 : 50 lbs wheat
Week 6 : 6 lbs. macaroni
Week 7 : 20 lbs. sugar
Week 8 : 8 cans tuna
Week 9 : 6 lbs. yeast
Week 10 : 50 lbs. wheat
Week 11 : 8 cans tomato soup
Week 12 : 20 lbs. sugar
Week 13 : 10 lbs. powdered milk
Week 14 : 7 boxes macaroni and cheese
Week 15 : 50 lbs. wheat
Week 16 : 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 17 : 1 bottle 500 multi-vitamins
Week 18 : 10 lbs. powdered milk
Week 19 : 5 cans cream of mushroom soup
Week 20 : 50 lbs. wheat
Week 21 : 8 cans tomato soup
Week 22 : 20 lbs. sugar
Week 23 : 8 cans tuna
Week 24 : 6 lbs. shortening
Week 25 : 50 lbs wheat
Week 26 : 5 lbs. honey
Week 27 : 10 lbs. powdered milk
Week 28 : 20 lbs. sugar
Week 29 : 5 lbs. peanut butter
Week 30 : 50 lbs. wheat
Week 31 : 7 boxes macaroni and cheese
Week 32 : 10 lbs. powdered milk
Week 33 : 1 bottle 500 aspirin
Week 34 : 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 35 : 50 lbs wheat
Week 36 : 7 boxes macaroni and cheese
Week 37 : 6 lbs. salt
Week 38 : 20 lbs. sugar
Week 39 : 8 cans tomato soup
Week 40 : 50 lbs. wheat
Week 41 : 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 42 : 20 lbs. sugar
Week 43 : 1 bottle 500 multi-vitamins
Week 44 : 8 cans tuna
Week 45 : 50 lbs. wheat
Week 46 : 6 lbs. macaroni
Week 47 : 20 lbs. sugar
Week 48 : 5 cans cream of mushroom soup
Week 49 : 5 lbs. honey
Week 50 : 20 lbs. sugar
Week 51 : 8 cans tomato soup
Week 52 : 50 lbs. wheat

This should be enough to sustain 2 people for 1 year. For every 2 people in your family, add $5 more and double or triple the
amount of the item you are buying for that week.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I've Been Featured!

My closet make over was featured on So excited this  is my first feature. Lot's of great ideas on her blog so please check it out.

Thank you Leanneja!


Come and play with the Real Housewives of Oklahoma and air what are your top pet peeves. What just gets under your skin? Name it and let us know what just gets your goat. You will feel better letting it all out. And we will know what NOT to do around you.

MckLinky Monday:

This Week's Question? Top 5 Pet Peeves
Rules from the Real Housewives of OKlahoma:
1. Answer the question on your blog (or in the comments sections if you haven't a blog).

2. If you answer the question on your blog, add your name to MckLinky so that we all can discover the brilliance that is your mind.

3. Grab our button from the sidebar and post it either in your reply post or on your blog.


4. Enjoy and have some fun!

My Top 5 Pet Peeves
1. I hate (again hate) when I just have all my dishes done and kitchen sink shinning and one of my lovely family members puts a dirty dish in there (2 minutes later) and just walks away. I mean come on you can't take 5 seconds to wash said offending dish so I can have a clean kitchen for just 5 minutes??? Really! 
(Ok I am a little anal about my kitchen sometimes)

2. I hate how parents feel it is fine to share the things that drive them crazy about their kids but then feel guilty when they brag. Are you kidding? Brag people! Be proud these are after all apples from your tree. My kids though they can drive me crazy sometimes are AMAZING! And I will brag about them until my dying day!

3. People who are rude to grocery cashiers, waitresses, etc.. I mean just because you are having a bad day (which we all have) doesn't mean you get to be mean to someone who is just doing a job and may be having a bad day as well. Honestly it makes me want to SLAP YOU!! And I am not a violent person.. But seriously KNOCK IT OFF! Be nice and take your bad attitude home and take a relaxing bath or something!

4. People who can't take off their shoes at the door without being reminded over and over and over again. I know lots of people don't do that but I do. Hence the sign that is very colorful and on the door, the chair you can sit down in to remove the shoes easily, and the basket you can put them in if you want to. Please my homestead area is muddy and I am trying to keep that off my carpet.
My dogs make it hard enough, please give me a break and please don't make me feel guilty about it. 
I am just trying to keep my home clean and nice for my family.

5. People who don't use turn signals. Do you know how many accidents have been caused and even lives lost because people won't use a little switch to let someone know what they are doing as they are traveling at 60 + miles per hour. I promise it won't take you more then a second to keep you and other drivers safe. So please just let us know what way you are going and quit bobbing in out of traffic like you are in a the Daytona 500.

Ok there are  my Pet Peeves and man do I sound like a witch! 
Sorry for that but I do feel better. 
Hope you play along. I can't be the only out there with these can I?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Thoughts On HCG

There is a lot of hype right now about diets again and I assume that is because of the new year. I recently along with my Mr. and my ex and best friend (Brad) went on the HCG diet together. I put on a little extra weight so I could do this and help them both along. We all started in Aug. My Mr. and I did one round and he lost 32lbs and and I lost 13.5 lbs. But Brad has now done 3 rounds and has of today lost a total of 80lbs.

And I want to show you the results. Now this diet is one that I have done and I will tell you it takes will power but it is VERY doable and the results are amazing. You will find you have more energy and since the diet only burns abnormal fat the results are AMAZING!
I will let the pictures speak for themselves..
Brad in July before the diet

Brad with his mom right before I introduced this idea to him

While we were on the beginning of the diet

Daily Chart for the First Round
Daily Chart for Round 2
 This is after Round 2  
(Joan his mom decided to try it too! Doesn't she look great!)
 Daily Chart for Round 3

So ladies this is my thoughts on HCG... if you follow it, it works! This is my proof. It has worked for us all. I do not sell this product but between Brad and myself we have now helped 15 people to start this diet and get results that have changed their lives.
Several have been taken off of daily meds they had to take for both heart and blood pressure (i.e. Brads went from 144/96 to 116/76 as end of cycle 3) and their doctors want to know what they have done! DOESN'T THAT BEAT ALL!
I have lots of recipes and info if you are curious about this and would like more info.

P.S. Ladies if you live in surrounding area and would like his number that is also available after a short interrogation  interview and a rather significant bribe deposit (you will be around my children after all!) Pay arrangements can be made :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't Look Now But You're On Camera!

Thanks to my wonderful friend (Tanya) at Frou Frou Britches I just found out I have been on camera along with my phone number, address, directions to my home (a map just in case you a need a visual) and information about my family along with pictures to boot for any would be rapist, robber or all together bad guy to see!

Ladies this is scary info! Please go to Spokeo and remove your name from this list. This not only gives info about you, your family (children included), the value of your home, pictures for the whole world to see. This is all FREE info to anyone who wants it! They can pay to see more...
(I knew I should keep my curtains closed) 
but all joking aside. Please check it out and remove yourself for your safety...

Thank you Tanya (love to you girl) for the step by step play which I have now pasted below...

1.  Go to Spokeo and search for your name.  Copy the url that show up for your profile.

2.  Go down to the bottom of the page and click the "privacy" button. 

3.  Copy the url in the space provided.  Enter your other information (name and email) and hit "Remove   Listing"

Also if you find your name more then once (or if your like me and you go by your middle name more then your first check with both names) I was listed 4 times with a previous address. It will only let you delete 3 of them a day so follow up and make sure you are completely removed!

Thanks again Tanya! You're the Best!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's That Time Again... Confession Time

I confess... I just got out of my tub turned around and saw an old woman's butt and back staring back at me! Yikes!!!
Where the heck did she come from and how did SHE get into my  mirror???

I confess.. I know think my girls are right when they say if I don't start exercising again I am going to be really pissed upset when Spring gets here... if it gets here! (So done with winter)
Anyone else ready for "Old Man Winter" to pack up and go!

I confess... part of the problem could be that recently I find myself snacking more.. case in point I think I just ate 5 oz of cheese with a sleeve of crackers while watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 on Netflix.
 But I think Lynett is my hero, the scene with the her pulling her boys out the pool with her dress and heels on... Incredible MOM 
in my book anyway!

I confess... I think Netflix is wonderful evil and is here to destroy me (no really it IS)

I confess... that I still really feel stupid about the whole candle thing! I mean really who doesn't listen to the warning bells going off in their heads... just like an alarm and I hit the snooze!!! Maybe someday I will do better.

I confess... Yeah right! Baby steps.. must take baby steps.

I confess... That making Mr. Murphy a huge batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies is bad for both him and I and explains the strange lady I see in the mirror!
that and cheeze
and Netflix
ohh and chips!)

Well come and play along... I want to read your confessions and hear all your dirty little secrets so link up and have a good laugh at my others expense.. After all we are just humans and laughter makes us all feel better!

Viva La Revolucion!


Dandelion Wishes has done it again.

So many people have enabled their email.

The "no-reply comment" blogger is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Blogging just got better and keeps getting better thanks to her !

 So we are continuing the conversation and It. Is. Awesome! (Just like her, I love this gal)

So, she is  hosting another linky PARTYYYY and we want you to come along!

Come and join the revolution, then go back and link up! Show your support because together we can change the WORLD!!! (ok maybe just the blogger world but it's a START!)
How do you do this... it is easy
   go to your dashboard, click edit profile, click show email and then click save profile. 

then go to
  Settings, then comments, then down at the bottom of the page where it says put in an email address

Looks like this

Choose from contacts
You can enter up to ten email addresses, separated by commas. We will email these addresses when someone leaves a comment on your blog.

Put in your email address. This should send the comment right to your email and allow to respond to those who left comments (little bits of blogger love) just for you. Also while you are at it can you please ALSO 
Mark this as NO! You will get so many more people responding to you and I promise I have gotten NO spam since doing this... just lots more bloggy friends.

This will require people leaving comments on your blog to complete a word verification step, which will help reduce comment spam. Learn more
Blog authors will not see word verification for comments.

Hope you find this easy and join and pass the word along..