Monday, January 10, 2011

Unofficial Snow Day!!

So what do you do when you have beautiful snow and sad kids (who are excellent students) and the district  decides not to close the school...You call an " unofficial snow day" of course and become the kids hero! See now wasn't that easy!
Lizzie and Trooper starting out in the snow!

Trooper trying to catch his first snowball!
(Air bud  has nothing on him)

Moose is ready to come back in....
( he's the wimp of the family)!

Lizzie's first victim!
(Let me in... let me in momma)

The Stand OFF!!
Ok now that Lizzie got the dogs she is ready to get her sister.
Let  the fight begin!

 The Loser :(

The Winner :)

So far that is our snow day! Hope you and yours are having fun in the snow today.. 
We are going to make some hot coca and warm by the fire!


  1. Looks like fun. We stayed inside and avoided the snow like the plague =)

  2. How fun Rachel ! I wish we could have chickens here...always wanted to drive up to a farmhouse and have chickens in the yard. Cute blog and beautiful family too !

  3. Aubrey by day 2 that's exactly how I felt. So ready for winter to be done now! LOL

  4. Nonna it's never to late. Chickens are so easier then you think they are. Thanks for checking out our blog.


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