Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Truth Is OUT!!

 Ladies when you open up your closets what words best describe what you see?


 for me only one word fit....  

 January for me is "Junk OUT January" and so I started at the scariest place I can think of, my wardrobe! Most people who know me would assume that I have everything organized and that everything has "it's" place but the horrible truth is out after these pictures!
( But I swear (your honor and hubby) I am a changed woman!)

Ok for starters ladies can you imagine using this size closet? No this is not my coat closet this is my closet! 
When this house was first built a 101 years ago it was a luxury and now it is a joke what I have to work with.
Now remember when this home was built most women had 3-5 outfits total. So the woman who had this closet  was very lucky!(don't laugh... it's true!)

This was the closet when I first opened the door. Scary no?

No wonder I have been tempted to stay in my PJ's! Who wants to tackle this mess just to get dressed for the dogs and chickens???(and the hubby and kids too I guess)

More pictures of my shame!

This is how many hangers I had crammed into that space! Unbelievable.
Honestly I am not sure how I accomplished that!

And YES! I am anal and my hangers have to match and can't be plastic.

Any time you face such a task you have to have a friend to guide you!
(I love you Stephanie)
She was my little Jiminy Cricket

 All my shame was brought out and placed on my bed for inventory! What a shocker I had 69 shirts! Who on God's green earth needs 69 shirts!! Half of which I do not wear because of fit or color or some other reason..

More shirts and skirts and pants and just keeps coming!!!

Ignore the woman who hides her head in shame (still in her PJ's)  Everything from the closet and drawers came out. The inventory list shocked me (actually it still does!)

Ok so now the rules. We figured for my closet space I could have 8-10 everyday outfits and 8 church outfits. That gives me church outfits all put together for 2 months. No guessing.. No frustration.... Just grab a hanger and go. For my everyday outfits I have things I can wear with jeans or spice it up a little for going out with the hubby!

My closet with it's new make over. The jewelry is hanging with the outfits so all I now have to do is get dressed!

Look you can see the FLOOR!

MY new rules for getting dressed. When I take something out to wear it I pull another outfit from behind on the shelves and hang it up,add jewlery and I am ready for another day. I actually have 36 outfits in my closet ready to go. When I wash that outfit I put it on the shelves until I am ready to hang it up to be worn again. Rotation is the key!  Also always be able to see the back of your closet!

To accomplish this task took about 4 hours. (DON'T take this on if you don't have time to finish it) Have a trusty and true friend there to help you "LET IT GO"! (I swear I lost 10 lbs of stress just letting it go!) And donate what you don't need. I did 2 bags worth of great clothes that just DON'T work for me! Just because it is cute on a hanger doesn't mean it's cute on me... My new mantra!!! (And this one from Steph) Is it FACEBOOK worthy? (IF you don't want to post it on facebook as your profile then why BOTHER! Isn't she just amazing! She speaks my speak!

No longer does my head hang down in shame when someone shows up at my door UNEXPECTED and I smile as I try to hide that I am still in PJ's because getting dressed was just way to SCARY!!! Hope you enjoyed my journey of shame to celebration :)


  1. Too cute!! I am impressed with your organization skills! I follow the same mantra of "all of my hangers have to match." I can't handle it when they are all different! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. Good job on the organization. :)

  3. Good job. You should be really proud of yourself...I need to do the same thing with my closet.

    Have a great week. And congrats on the Happy List giveaway win. Mamarazzi's prizes are a lot of fun.

  4. I am so impressed with you! I sooooo need to do this. Our closet rod actually fell the other day because it was so loaded down. I desperately need to go through all my stuff. I have clothes from 3 kids ago that don't fit and that wouldn't be in style now if they did. Definitely NOT Facebook worthy (love that, btw)!

  5. Congratulations on your amazing closet purge! It's amazing how much stuff we have that we really don't need. I'm sure getting dressed in the morning is a whole lot easier now :-)

    Thanks for stopping by JAX does design - good to "meet" you :-)

  6. What a great idea! I love it! I'm your newest follower from Debbie's newbie party! Have a great day!

  7. WOW!!! That is GREAT!! I REALLY need to do this! You deserve an award!!! :)
    And I LOVE what you've done to your blog! It looks really classy and fun. I need to work on getting the different sections there at the top. So much time working on these blog things!! :S But yours looks really great!!

  8. 69 shirts!!! Impressive! LOL at the Facebook rule of thumb. I agree!

    thanks for stopping by my place.


  9. VERY funny! I think I need you to be my TRUSTED friend....maybe one day I'll be brave enough to show my closet! (yeah, right!)

  10. It looks awesome, Rachel. Despite being small, that is a very cool closet :)

  11. It always helps to have a friend come and help you tackle the tough jobs. The closet looks amazing. I love your rotation idea. I'll be featuring this on Monday.


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