Monday, January 3, 2011

Peace In Chicken Poo

“Without self-reliance one cannot exercise these innate
desires to serve. How can we give if there is nothing there?
Food for the hungry cannot come from empty shelves.
Money to assist the needy cannot come from
an empty purse. Support and understanding
cannot come from the emotionally starved.
Teaching cannot come from the unlearned.
And most important of all, spiritual guidance
cannot come from the spiritually weak.

~President Marion G. Romney (1897–1988)

I think that is the "quote" I am going to let guide my year. I have such a strong desire to be self-reliant. To know the life and reward of my ancestors. Not that I want to give it all up! I like convenience and modern technology. I like having a stove I can just switch on or a microwave I can use to melt butter in 10 seconds.

But I love the feeling of collecting eggs everyday!

I love playing with my chickens, watching them grow and chase things. I even enjoy cleaning out the coop and throwing the waste on my compost pile. ( I will have such an amazing compost this year!)  Who knew you could find peace in chicken poo?  But I have.  And I want others to know that kind of joy and peace. The peace that" if it all starts to go south" we have a way of keeping it together.

Anyone else out there concerned about this???

In the last year I have spent countless hours reading books about how to take our lives back from all the chaos that the world can bring. How to slow things down, rely more on our own two hands and strong back to bring us the peace we often seek. How to slow our minds and get back to nature so we can find time to just "talk" with God, be in his beauty and feel his peace. Now I am sure many people have found this without resulting to chicken poo, but for me this is where my journey is taking me.  I feel closer to God when I am rolling out bread, or working in the yard. We can talk then. Just him and me. My mind is still and my heart full.
So as I look for balance this year, I think it is in these things that I find my "me" time. But for balance I need to serve and I want to serve in what I love. And what I am finding is  I love food storage and self reliance! Not that I am an expert at this, I am a student.
But even students can teach!

So how do I serve within this realm? Well for starters any of my friends that would like to raise chickens, do I have an offer for you! Once my chicks are hatched if you would like a few they are yours.

Some facts you need to know:
You can have up to three chickens within the city limits. You can build a small coop that allows you to have them, this isn't going to mess up your yard. (See picture below.) They can be the same size as a dog house!  Now here are the benefits: fresh eggs daily, bug control, amazing waste for your compost and some of the best "homemade" tv you will ever laugh at! Chickens are a riot to watch. :) They are a quite and keep themselves very clean.You do NOT need a rooster to have fresh eggs, you need one to have chicks. A homemade coop is not very expensive to make. The only thing chickens really need is fresh water daily and a small place to get out of drafts and be protected from other animals.

They are amazing creatures and can even be very playful and lovable. They love to "free range" which takes care of your bug control, but a little grain is good for them as well. And boy do they love table scraps! Strawberries seem to be a favorite.  So if you would like to take me up on this offer please let me know and as the chicks hatch I will set them aside just for you.

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