Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Years Wish For You

 I have decided that this year I am going to make New Year's like a birthday and make a wish. But not for myself but for those who make my life so wonderful. So here goes:

Don I wish you for you "lightness". Lightness of heart and soul. I wish you moments of feeling like a child. Taking in the world. Seeing it though more innocent eyes. Laughing a lot more and some playtime with those who love you.  Joy in the little things and not getting so caught up in the things you can not change. I wish you smiles and trust not only in yourself but in others as well.  I love you

Tyler my beautiful boy, I wish for you "direction". Direction so that you can figure out your own path. Confident in knowing that "you" know who you are. That you need no girl, or object to give that to you. I wish you faith in yourself and what you want to accomplish out of this life. I wish you lots of amazing opportunities that will help you grow and become who you desire to be. I wish you finding yourself not creating who you think others want you to be. The real "you" will be unstoppable!  I love you.

KC'lynn my amazing daughter, I wish for you "confidence". You are so smart! You just don't know that yet. You can do amazing things and do on a regular basis. See yourself, look hard and trust your own judgment more. Don't look to others to give you what you can give yourself. Get your priorities in line and all the rest will fall into place.   You my dear daughter will take this world by storm! I love you.

Ari my sweet angel, I wish for you "trust". Ari you have such an amazing heart but you shield it so well. I hope this year you can find a little more peace. More reason to open up your heart to others and trust it will be protected. I wish you patience with your peers, they are growing too. And patience with me. You have so much you are amazing at. I hope this year you allow others to see, what I am blessed to when I look at you.
I love you.

Lizzie my little star, I wish for you "success". I so love watching you chase after dreams. You are so talented. I know that if you really believe in yourself  you have the heart to accomplish anything. I wish you hard work as well. Your dreams will require that. You can do it if that is what you want, dedicate yourself, your time and your energy and you my dear will soar! I love you.

Brad my dearest friend, I wish for you "love". I know out there somewhere in this big world is a woman who is patiently waiting for her "Superstar" that is you! I wish you a woman who can love life the way you do. No holds bar. No regrets just "bring it on!". Who sings and dances and who can be your biggest fan! She is your other half. I know she waiting for you and I wish you eyes that are open and arms that search so that you can have that joy. For you to have that in your life would make all of us so happy. I love you.

And for all my dear extended family and  friends out there I wish you the importance of food storage and self reliance.  I wish you the opportunity to take just one area of either of those and to make it part of  you for the future. I wish you lots of success in all your endeavors and wish you love and peace in your homes and that  the love of the Lord shines upon each of you in the way you need it most.

This is my New Years Wish.

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