Sunday, January 16, 2011

I've Been Tricked!

So tonight the hubby and I got away for a nice home cooked dinner with some wonderful friends 
(thanks Tim and Teresa the ham was wonderfu!)

and after dinner it was suggested we play UNO. 
Yeah I love card games! :)

 A card is played and I don't have one to play and I start drawing from the deck,
So I am asked , "What are you doing"? 
I state that I am drawing till I can play... a few confused looks and a 
"well I never played that way"  
and the game continues. 
11 cards later and I can play.  
I only have have half the deck in my hands now!
I have a trusting face so everyone assumes I know what I am doing( and of course I do) RIGHT? 
So the game continues in this fashion with us all drawing until we can play
An hour later and after Tim wins and does his little song and cheer (you have to see this.. it's so cute!)  he hands me the rules and says jokingly  "Ok now show me where it says that in the rule book".  CockyConfident me starts to read  the rules so I can show him how right  correct I am.( and yes I do know what I am doing when it comes to this game) After all I have taught at least 4 of my own children to play and several of their friends... So I read. See here it is! See it says....

 Dear cousin Billy you tricked me.. All this time I have been playing wrong! I have now  passed on your trickery to the next generation. I hope you are happy!  So here is how I now see it. All the hundreds of games we played as kids and you WON and I LOST!!! I NOW CALL WINNER!! 

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  1. That's funny! That is how we play Crazy 8's. Maybe your cousin just got them confused. Or just maybe you do have rights to claim "WINNER!" :)
    Nice to meet you; you look like a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping at my blog. It looks like we have lots in common with the "farming" thing, and my husband tends to be on the more "serious" side. I have to rattle his cage good once in a while with a good wrestling match or threats of cold water over the shower curtain to make him smile: hard work.:) I can't say I've ever been a beauty queen, but now I can say that I know one! :)
    Have a great day; hopefully it will get easier for your son being away...and you too. I don't want my kids to grow up. I keep telling them to stop it, but they aren't listening to me.


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