Friday, January 14, 2011

I Confess

I Confess...
I am glad today is Friday and that I joined this group because I  find confession is good for the soul.

I confess... that I don't feel old enough to have a son starting college on Tuesday! I also feel silly that I am a little jealous that it isn't me.

I confess...  lately even though my life is beyond wonderful I have felt as though the hubby and me feel more like room mates then lovers and I hate it... It's lonely :(

And I think we are in desperate need of a date night!

I confess... most of that is probably my fault because instead of going to bed with him I stay up with the stupid TV bored out of mind because I can't sleep. I have even tried sleeping pills but without luck!

I confess ... that even though I could have the whole house clean before the kids get home I still leave some chores for them to do... and I can't decide if that is right or wrong.. Thoughts???

I confess... that am so ready for Spring that if I were a witch I would cast a spell! So ready for Winter to be OVER!!


  1. It's good for kids to do chores--cause when they have a place of their own at least they will have some idea of how to keep it clean. I now know that's why my mom yelled at me to clean my room regularly.

  2. Thanks Vandy that's kind of the way I feel but sometimes the guilt gets to me too.

  3. you should totally save chores for your kids. totally!!

    ah date night, i need one of those!

  4. Watching TV or being on the computer at night makes it harder for you to fall asleep my darlin. Try no electronics after 6:00. Maybe you and the hubs could read a book together...

  5. Mamarazzi I like the way you think! lol Hope you get one soon! And thanks for the tips. I hope I have it set right now :)

    Debbie you are so right! I think we might try that.

  6. I say, leave some chores for them to do! You've put in the time cleaning up after them when they were little, now it's their turn!

    I wish I was in college. I never finished and am totally jealous of friends I know that are still in or just starting college. Once all the kids are in school, I'll go back to school too!

    Date night? What's that???? LOL! My hubby and I just went on one last night! It was a wonderful recharge! You should go on one tonight. Just go! Even if it's to the store without a child or two!

  7. I say leave the kids with some chores to do WHILE you and hubby go on a date night! Voila. The house is clean AND you get some time with hubby. I hate insomnia. I have a really difficult time sleeping, too.

  8. One date night and things will be better again. Go ahead and plan it!! I'm guilty of staying up way too late also. Bummer. I'll work on that.

    Yes, kids need chores. We had them and so should they!

    Stopping by from Mamarazzi's~

  9. Love you Rachel!! Don't feel down!! Your the greatest mom ever! Ditch the kids (they are old enough to watch themselves!) and you and Don get out of there for a while. Go to Oklahoma City for "dinner and a movie" at the temple!!

  10. Kids DEFINITELY need chores! I'm sooo grateful my mom made us work around the house. It taught me not only to work for what I had, but also HOW to work. I had roommates at BYU who had honestly no idea how to sweep, mop, or clean a bathroom!

  11. Kids need chores. It's part of life. I started doing chores at a very young age. I do the TV thing too. And are way too young to have a college age student!

    PS...come on over to Southern CA...just do. You will be glad you did. ;)

  12. Jen and Lourie thank you! And I think so to Lourie... LOL

  13. I leave chores for my TWO year old. Is that bad? No, I don't think so. It's all about teaching our kids responsibility and how to work. :)


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