Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Big Day

Well it official, I am old! My son is now in College. We spent the morning getting him ready. He was supposed to meet his dorm mate at noon but he wasn't ready till a little after one. 
(Guess he takes after his mother)

Well the drive takes just about an hour so we stopped for some food  (YUMMY!)
 and arrived a little after 2 pm... 

Once we got there and entered his dorm we heard booming rap music...

I swear Ty wanted to go back to the car and lock the doors.. 
He hates that type of music. 
Poor kid they are right next to his dorm.
seems to be their favorite button!
Even I wanted some ear plugs by the time we left...

Despite the annoying music we started getting him settled in 
and his dorm mate Drake came in and started giving him the in outs.
( He had already been there for 2 weeks.)
Drake seems a lot like Tyler so I think they will be a good match.

   I forgot how small dorms can be.  We bought him a microwave and each dorm has a small fridge.
  One more trip to Wal-mart for a few forgotten items,snacks and we were ready to call it good.
  Ari went right to work getting him unpacked. 
I  think his sisters were a little more excited then he was.
But by the end of the evening he seemed to be doing better.

        Me and the girls in the finished dorm room.
I have to admit it didn't look that bad... 
Once he adds his own personal touches I think he will be very happy here.. 
and lucky for him the brick walls help block the music!
(Don had enough of  it though and went to wait in the car so he missed out on the pictures )

 (Me, Tyler and Brad)
The cost of dorm room for 4 months $2200.00 
Meal Card for 3 meals a day $900.00
Extra snacks to get him through the weekend $50.00 
Tuition for first semester of college$1800.00
Books for 12 credit hours $410.00 
Supplies for Dorm $250.00
Starting your son on his path to adulthood 

Welcome to college son!


  1. yay for college...i am so glad that i went and kept going. no one can ever take my Masters from ME!

    wanna know a secret? i have NEVER eaten at McDonald's. Ever. Not once in my whole life. There is something about the smell that triggers my gag reflex, even when i was a small child. To this day if a WalMart has a McD's i can barely make it through the store without at least feeling grumpy. Weird. I know.

  2. hi there. you followed my blog and i'm following you back.

    i can relate to what you're saying not because i am a mom too but because my mom gets teary eyed if ever she brings me back to the airport every time my vacation leave time from work is over.

    hope your son would look back at this post of yours and be proud you're his mom.


  3. I followed your link from SITS. My son is sitting in my lap, slobbering all over everything. It's hard to believe I'll be where you are someday. I hope I can deal with it as well as you seem to be. :)


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