Friday, August 13, 2010

The Ant With The Cheese

 Have you ever learned a lesson from the most unlikely source and then just wondered if it was put there for that reason? Yesterday I noticed  ants in my kitchen. YIKES!  One thing that I can't have in my home is bugs!. So as I await the bug man I have decided to just let them be. Who knew that the invasion of my home would give me a great life lesson.

  I was washing some dishes from this morning being annoyed by these little insects, as I  noticed that a piece of cheese was moving across my counter. Last night for dinner we had homemade chili and when the girls were making theirs someone dropped a shred of cheese. Just one little piece of cheese but it has made such an impact on me because of one little ant.

It had been moved from one side of my kitchen counter(where we made the chili)  to the other from this one little ant. I have to admit I was impressed. This one piece of shredded cheese was at least 25 times bigger then this little ant and now he was trying to take it up the wall.

At this point I was done washing dishes and started watching the ant. He must have struggled for at least 15 minutes trying to get this up the wall back to his home. Other ants walked on top of the cheese, pass the cheese,and even over the little ant pulling up the cheese. I  had to wondered why they didn't the other ants stop and help? Couldn't they all get back to their home together? Here was something that would benefit the whole "group" but I guess that each of them had their own job to do and were to busy trying to get it done. Did the other ants even notice the struggle? Regardless of this struggle the little ant continued to work hard and I actually cheered for him when it looked like this piece of cheese would disappear behind my wall, he had almost made it home BUT then he dropped it. And what did he do???? Started the journey all over again!

Who knew my heart could ache for a little ant? I watched him struggle so hard, and was almost there and then due to no fault of his own was back to square one. How many of us have gone through that type of situation and felt hopeless, and just wanted to walk away! I figured that is what he would do, but how wrong I was. Again this ant goes and picks up the cheese and starts back up the wall.

Eventually the others start to come and help him. This led me to think about us in the church recently I have been trying to help a sister that has moved away but I used to be her Relief Society President and so she still contacts me and much to my dismay she is talking about leaving the church because of the trials that is before her. Much like that little ant I really wanted to help, this is her trial. How many times have we had to face something so painful, or difficult it felt like it was 25 times bigger then us? And no matter what we have to keep trying until we get the