Friday, March 26, 2010


Ok so it has been a little while since I have posted and actually a lot has been going on at our little homestead. The most important, baby chicks! I decided it would be a good idea to get the girls on my side by taking them to the local tractor supply store and let them see how cute they were. Much to my happy surprise we left with 8 and a week later added 2 more. Ari wasn't very happy about this as she was sure they would all end up dog food. So far so good. I can be very threatening when I need to be and the dogs have decided the best approach is to stay away. The girls have started to warm up to the chicks since so far no one has become "kibble and bits". So they now have all been named.

I have learned a lot about chickens in the last few weeks. They grow fast. Have personalities, can be very messy at times and when they start to bury themselves in the dust it isn't because they are sick and dying it is because they are bathing. Who KNEW?!?

Nothing (yes that is what Ari named her chick) seems to be the leader. She likes to do what the others won't try and then get them to follow. Roxy seems to be the best at flying and keeps getting herself stuck inside the feeder when she roost up there and then loses her balance. I saved Ethel or Lucy (can't really tell them apart yet) today from following Roxy's example. We are going to have to find a bigger box for them soon and something to cover the top or soon I am going to have flying chicken all over my kitchen. I would not be to happy with that! I hope the weather warms up a little more this weekend so I can take them outside and let them wander.