Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Day Spent in the Dirt

Today was beautiful, 60 degrees and at the end December! I never thought I would have such a glorious day to enjoy this month, but enjoy it I did! I put on some old gray leather gloves (I bought from an estate sale) and plopped my happy butt in the dirt. Ponytail and tee shirt day for sure. I spent three hours just soaking in the sun and talking with God ("Are you there God? It's me Rachel"). It was interesting. I talked, He listened. Not sure of any answers yet but it was very peaceful and he is a great listener.

The "girls" would occasionally come over and help me weed by looking for bugs and moving grass out of the  way. I could almost hear their questions: "Hey Mom, whatcha doing?", "Oh look here is a bug.... would you like me to get rid of him for you?" They are so cute. I wish I would have had my camera. Chelsea would even pick the dirt off my jeans. Always so helpful that one. Handsome (the rooster) came into the garden area a couple of times as well just to see what his harem was up to. He is such a good boy. Always watching out for his girls.

The boys just sat outside soaking up the fresh air too. They enjoyed a couple of carrots I forgot to harvest... Bonus!  Trooper (my buddy) would bring me a stick to throw every 20 minutes or so. Then stalk the chickens and squirrels, find something to entertain himself with and then start the routine all over again. He never gets tired! 
Trace and Aramis would just look at him with noses in the air, they have no desire to chase sticks. They think that kind of behavior is far beneath their fine breeding.

Even my beautiful daughters ventured out and went for a nice long walk soaking up the blessing of today. Lizzie with her shades. And at the end of December!
 Just a beautiful day. No rush, no makeup, no worries.

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