Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can't Wait For My Kids

"Sugar" and "Spice" should be here come late March or early April. And I can hardly wait!
These are my kids(baby goats for those out of the "know"). I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. I have a lot to do in the meantime to prepare for them. Fix part of the chicken coop so they have a warm place to sleep. Find a proper baby bottle so they don't starve, watch some videos and read some books about properly feeding said baby goats... get the fencing fixed and securing the garden so all of veggies and fruits don't become goat or chicken food.

 A  lot of work in my near future but does that stop my excitement? Not one tiny thread!
Come on April....

 Sooo just in case anyone else is thinking about goats here is a little info about my choice of breed. After a lot of research I have chosen "Saanen" goats.  Originally from Switzerland. These goats are known for their milk production and since I plan on becoming a cheese maker and selling homemade lotions and soaps they seem the best choice... Why you ask?  Because they  produce about 1 1/2 gals of milk a day, apiece! They have to be milked two times a day...  Hey if anyone out there has kids (the children variety that is) that need an experience or just want to play farmer for the day.. Look me up! :)

They are a larger breed of goats ranging in weight of up to 150 lbs  for a doe.. They are also lovingly called "Marshmallows" due to their color and sweet temperament.  Most are usually white but they can range in colors of caramel browns and even black.  They are also known for their intelligence so I assume that unlike my sweet chickens  they will know to come in out of the rain! (Side note: There is nothing funnier then a wet chicken.. now I know where the expression "Mad As A Wet Hen" comes from!)

.... so if in the middle of summer  you happen to stop by and see a strange women up to her elbows in milk wearing a strange happy smile on her face looking confused and wonder what is it is that she is doing only one answer comes to mind... she is having a ball!

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