Monday, September 13, 2010

My Little Chicks Are All Grown Up!

My little chicks are all grown up now. I used to wake to crowing each morning thanks to "Nothing" (the rooster... yep rooster) but now he is gone. It wasn't the early crowing that got him sent to the chicken farm but the fact that I couldn't convince him that he wasn't an attack dog! (Yes Willa you were right!) At first it was nice to have him be so protective of " his ladies" but after a while it got old trying to protect "everyone" from him. However I have decided that next year I would like to try another rooster and see if we can find one with a better temperament. He was a beautiful bird and though I will miss him I don't think to many others will.

We also lost 2 of our hens. One early on to a predator and another about a month ago. Who knew I could cry so much over a silly hen, but poor Roxy was lost to one of the boys (stupid dogs!). Just in case you have ever wondered what your supposed to do when your dogs decided to go chicken hunting, Let me tell you the solution isn't easy. There is nothing worse then beating your dogs with a dead hen tied on the end of a rope , as your bawling like a baby! Oh well so goes life when you move to the country.

So we are left with the "seven" and they are such good hens. I get at least half a dozen eggs a day from them. And let me tell you folks there is nothing better then free range eggs for an omelet! I love my silly little hens. Those stupid birds bring me such joy just watching them chase bugs. Grasshoppers are my favorite.. they can keep those chickens going for hours! The only thing I would like to change is that they love my garden!

I have lost more melons to hens then to bugs! But next year I will know what to do so I can have both, at least I will try!

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