Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Being Married to Washington For A Day

My husband blew me away...

to celebrate Constitution week and honor our  Founding Fathers he was asked to play the father of our great country...the one, the only, George Washington himself!  He did an amazing job.

He kept the audience captivated as he shared inspiring words from Washington about what sacrifice's he and others made to give us the freedoms we freely enjoy. He talked about what we owe our ancestors for those stripes of red that fly on our flag. He talked about what we need to pass on to our children, and the duties we  each owe our great country. He talked about what they wanted for us (their prosperity)  when the Constitution was written, what they were trying to do when they created that heavenly document.

He shared  how Washington depended on divine inspiration from our Heavenly Father to guide him to lead a nation... and write that amazing document that gives us everything we need to remain free if we so chose , and how to govern ourselves..

What a great man Washington humble, so faithful and gave his all.  I know Washington must have looked down and smiled  What an honor to be Martha.... well at least for a day :)

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