Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Hill vs the Tightwire

OK maybe it's just me and I am alone in this but I have to say that sometimes as hard as it is for us to watch we just have to let our children fail. They are not our grades, our responsibilities or life lessons to learn. I love my children more then life. Each one is so special in so many ways but there are times they need to scrape a knee, learn the importance of a lesson or just feel the pain of a failure.

I know that must sound so mean but I would rather my children learn these hard lessons while I can safely help clean the cut, wipe away the tears of disappointment, or offer a hand or shoulder as they learn a much needed lesson for life. Does that make me a mean parent not always swooping in to save the day? I guess so! Does it mean I love them any less then the helicopter parent just waiting to save the day? No, I hope it means that I love them enough to let them learn those lessons while I know they are safe and the cost is little in the big picture of life. I would rather them fall off the hill then a tightwire...

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