Thursday, December 31, 2009

So starts the New Year

Today starts a New Year. It means new goals, new hopes and new beginnings. If you live in this house it means lots of new adventures as well.

This year I will raise goats. I plan on milking them to provide my own cheese, butter and soap. I’m not sure how the dogs are going to like having them around but I think that the goats will be able to hold their own.

This year I will raise chickens. I will even learn the dreaded way in which to turn some of them into a nice warm dinner for my family. I will wait and see which ones piss me off before choosing who goes into the pot… Ari has stated she will “move out when (I) bring the first chicken home". Rotten kid! She might go in the pot first.

This year I will make things from scratch such as laundry soap. I will make things last longer such as my husbands gloves and temper (his not mine!) I will reuse everything I can like juice bottles for storage and table scrapes for our new compost (have I mentioned how much I miss my compost?).

I feel I must state that I do not choose to do these things because I am "going green". I do them because they are the right things to do. I believe that if I don't start now, it will be harder in the future when it will be required (and rest assured it will…). More on this at a future date.

As I have also stated before I am not a patient person. I figure I must learn this as a way of life while I can instead of when I must. I don't do well when I feel someone is forcing my hand

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