Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Loving the View

I refuse to put up curtains in our bedroom. I love the view. I wake each day to look out and see the changes the seasons are bringing to our little piece of heaven. Now, I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking that we own a lot of land we don’t. Yet…(I have been eyeing 6 acres to the west for some time now - just waiting for Don to be in the right mood…).

I knew this place would take some elbow grease to get going again. Just how much I wasn't prepared for. But with the dedication of amazing friends, an ex-husband (yes we are great friends, but more on that later), four exhausted teens and a very wonderful, patient husband we have a started to realize the diamond in the rough. We still have lots of changes to make but at least we have a start. We have made a few changes to our farm house…

New windows (ours were from 1940s), trimming trees, and hauling off all the trash. The fireplace is another thing we have working again is. Don seems to enjoy his weekly workout since he is the only one driven to get the wood ready. I guess I should learn patience but instead I had a rick of wood delivered. I couldn't wait any longer. Sweet guy he tries so hard (did I mention patience is something I am still working on?).

I love having a roaring fire going... Maybe too much according to Don. I started a really BIG one the other night... I didn't know flames could get that high! Ohhh pretty!

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