Monday, December 21, 2009

The Only House on the Block with Eight Graves Instead of Christmas Lights

Don has his compost and now he is excited. One thing off his list (Don is a list maker. If it’s not on his list it doesn’t happen!) So what does he do next? Orders 15 tons of dirt to be dropped off in the driveway! It is close to the Christmas season and I am thinking of beautiful lights on the house and in the trees and now I have all this dirt in my driveway instead. He smiles and says, "Don't worry Pinkie (his pet name for me. I’m not sure what I think of that one since he considers himself the brain) I know what I am doing." Again I am being tested with patience! So I grin and bear it and sloooowly back away. He looks so happy standing on top of his mountain of dirt like a child who got what he wanted on Christmas morning.

He is building our garden beds now. Once Don gets something in his head it is hard to deter him. Now I do have to give him credit; he did stop all the water from coming into the basement by building up the yard. But mud, three dogs, and four teens with newly cleaned light carpets doesn't mix well.

So with hired help from my brother and $300 worth of materials he puts up a large gate and starts piling the dirt where our garden will be. It is so close to Christmas and instead of lights on the house I now have what look like graves in the yard. Ohhh my, the family should love it!

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